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      Springtime bore with it flowers on the wind, and flowers in bouquets, too, as the world put on its best appearance, all done up in green, pink, and all manner of other pastels, because spring was for lovers. Spring was for laying out picnics, dancing in parks, and kissing chastely under trees in full bloom. Spring was the time when Alex was at her most innocent, the earth's fertility seeming a contagious thing with her, when the year was still young, so she could be, too -- and Roy answered her in playfulness, stuffy uniforms and heavy boots forgotten as they chased each other through fields, putting on a show for co-workers, friends, and unsuspecting passersby as if there were no differences between them, because spring was for lovers, and when the two collapsed in the grass, to joke and kiss together with an equal lack of restraint in both, all others could be damned. Alex liked spring.

      Yet, eventually, spring was overtaken by summer, and with summer came the sweltering heat, with free energy giving way to sweat and exhaustion, though passion could not fade. Summer was for swimming, and cooling down, but for Roy and Alex, the days just grew hotter, when bare skin and time spent reclining led to romance all bottled up, only to be unleashed in crashing waves, bodies slammed against walls and smothered with amorosity that rivaled the suffocating weather. Summer was when Alex, in all her swimsuited temptation, belonged to Roy's heat-dimmed eyes, and his eyes only. Summer was when Roy's fire burned the hottest, and Alex gladly allowed herself to be swept up in it.

      Fall served to cool the two of them, and clothe them once more, gently picking them up and carrying them into the rest of the year before they lost themselves to the all-consuming flames. Fall was for a softer kind of love, a domestic kind, which allowed them to rest. They both had their own things to do in fall, but when they came together again, fall was for holding hands, and walking down cobblestone paths under overcast skies. Roy would find some new scarf to wear for the season, tie it around his neck, and Alex's delicate fingers would unwind it again, teasing him with how it looked better loose -- then they would wear a half of it each, joined together as they explored once more the city they both knew, painted in a different palette.

      Alex enjoyed the tranquility that fall brought, but it, too, had to fade, when winter came swirling in, necessitating layers more in coats and socks as blankets of white fell over the streets. The air hung with cool colours, all shades and tints of blue swallowed in white and illuminated only by the lights that seeped from the windows of families all tucked indoors together. During the winter, Roy and Alex stayed in, as the snow locked the doors and the chill froze their bones, until they bundled up together, on the rug by the hearth. Responsibilities could be forgotten during those nights, just as the world, too, buried itself, and faded from the mind, so there remained nothing but the lovers themselves. Underneath fluffed quilts and atop stuffed pillows, the two of them were closest in winter, and when Roy shared his natural warmth with her, slowly brushing her long hair back behind her ears and pressing fond, sentimental kisses to her pale skin, Alex knew she liked winter the most.
Only counting this as fanfiction because it was shamelessly written for a pairing I'm rping in an established Fullmetal Alchemist 'verse. Again, you can read this with no prior knowledge of the fandom! This is the most generic damn thing you will ever read, swear to god. But look, pretty prose!

582 words. Roughly an hour and a half spent, but only because I'm a slowpoke.

Autumn is for losers. Fall all the way.
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Very poetic, if a little saucy at times. ;P
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;D Aw yeah.