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Bathtime by Tirinka Bathtime :icontirinka:Tirinka 1 3
      Springtime bore with it flowers on the wind, and flowers in bouquets, too, as the world put on its best appearance, all done up in green, pink, and all manner of other pastels, because spring was for lovers. Spring was for laying out picnics, dancing in parks, and kissing chastely under trees in full bloom. Spring was the time when Alex was at her most innocent, the earth's fertility seeming a contagious thing with her, when the year was still young, so she could be, too -- and Roy answered her in playfulness, stuffy uniforms and heavy boots forgotten as they chased each other through fields, putting on a show for co-workers, friends, and unsuspecting passersby as if there were no differences between them, because spring was for lovers, and when the two collapsed in the grass, to joke and kiss together with an equal lack of restraint in both, all others could be damned. Alex liked spring.
      Yet, eventually, spring was overtake
:icontirinka:Tirinka 0 2
Yes. by Tirinka Yes. :icontirinka:Tirinka 3 7
Philosopher's Stone
     There was noise. There was so much noise. It echoed off the walls, of which there were none, yet there seemed to be so many, and shot off into the neverending distance, serving to suffocate all that occupied its space. It was shrill, it was deep, it varied in origin and intent, and it belonged to so many people -- but all of them were screaming, their noises falling over each other, every one suppressing another, and in turn being suppressed, until it was all just one noise. It was one noise made of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, trapped in a void without sight, nor touch, nor taste, nor even smell, just hearing, and the only thing to hear was that terrible noise. It was the noise they themselves made, yet could not stop.
      It was chaos, and among the sea of people she could not see -- they were people she could only imagine, screaming all around her a
:icontirinka:Tirinka 2 5
Never Quite Right -- A Songfic
      Time on your side that will never end,
      The most beautiful thing you can ever spend,

      Alex Rivers enjoyed her evenings, particularly her Monday evenings. Every third Monday, just when the sun had begun to go down and her day was done, she would head down to her favourite little corner shop, at just the time when even the weekday shoppers had deserted. It was like clockwork. She filled the two front pockets of her jeans with loose bills on one side and jingling coins on the other, and would waste almost fifteen minutes browsing the dimly lit shelves, a sad selection of cheap DVD rentals in scratched plastic cases capturing her interest for as long as she would let them.
      The whole store was kind of like that. The bluish, shag carpet was stained in places, parallel to the circular, brown marks water damage left on the ceiling, and so stuck to the boards beneath
:icontirinka:Tirinka 0 9
Mongoose Demons are Known to be Adorable by Tirinka Mongoose Demons are Known to be Adorable :icontirinka:Tirinka 2 2 Consequences of Castelia Gym by Tirinka Consequences of Castelia Gym :icontirinka:Tirinka 3 2 Birdy Sends You To The Gulag by Tirinka Birdy Sends You To The Gulag :icontirinka:Tirinka 3 4 BSC R1 Page 3 -- 076 + 108 by Tirinka BSC R1 Page 3 -- 076 + 108 :icontirinka:Tirinka 1 0 BSC R1 Page 2 -- 076 + 108 by Tirinka BSC R1 Page 2 -- 076 + 108 :icontirinka:Tirinka 2 5 BSC R1 Page 1 -- 076 + 108 by Tirinka BSC R1 Page 1 -- 076 + 108 :icontirinka:Tirinka 4 3 Jack Wants to Battle, Yo. by Tirinka Jack Wants to Battle, Yo. :icontirinka:Tirinka 3 4 BSC Intro Meme -- Jack, yo. by Tirinka BSC Intro Meme -- Jack, yo. :icontirinka:Tirinka 4 4 Linked by the Red Scarf by Tirinka Linked by the Red Scarf :icontirinka:Tirinka 1 2 BSC Tarot -- Jack, The Chariot by Tirinka BSC Tarot -- Jack, The Chariot :icontirinka:Tirinka 6 1 Personality Meme - Alex Rivers by Tirinka Personality Meme - Alex Rivers :icontirinka:Tirinka 1 1


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Roleplay Addict
United States
Hey-o. Not much to see here, keep moving.

Current Residence: Las Vegas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium :D
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Alternative
Favourite style of art: Angular; dark.
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Alfons H., naturlich.
In just a few short hours, I will be on a plane to California! Anime Expo is this weekend and I intend to be there for all four days, with the day immediately preceding being spent at the beach (surfing?) with my uncle, aunt, and cousin! It's going to be a lot of fun, but I want to let you guys know where I'm headed (though I honestly doubt it'll matter much), and get you guys prepped for whatever crazy journals or photographs I may end up posting over the next five/six days.

I also wanted to give you guys the chance (last minute though it might be) to let me know whether or not we might bump into each other, be it accidentally or what, because that would be super neat! I've made a lot of friends at Anime Expo over the years, and I know there are at least a handful that watch me, so this is a good place to tell me if we can meet up again this year -- c'mon, don't let me walk around by myself!

I have a fair number of costumes I've set to wear, and if I can remember to, I'll update this journal with what I'll be wearing on each day, so if you think you see me, you can check me out. My badge will have my dA name on it (don't scream at strangers).

Friday: Edward Elric (costume trouble still pending; may be replaced)

Oh, and here is a repost of a safety warning reposted a couple hours ago from tumblr by a fellow deviant, :iconcofie:; please read and be aware of this, even if you don't plan on changing your activities.

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but ESPN is hosting the X-Games the same time the con is going on. This is a huge safety concern because there's going to be alcohol, and men, and alcohol addled men doing dumb shit, and there's going to be plenty of half naked girls running around, which only leads to trouble.
Please be very careful and be very wary of anyone suspicious and anyone that appears under the influence.
For more in detail info about this situation, please visit:…
And if you can, please spread the word and reblog this if you know anyone going to Anime Expo in LA this weekend!
Be careful, stay in a group, always have a way of contact. If worse comes to worst, be sure you can defend yourself!

by cosplaymallow:


If you're coming from a hotel north of the convention center, the safest route to take is to walk down FLOWER STREET or HOPE STREET and then turn toward the convention center at either PICO STREET or VENICE BLVD!

WALK WITH CAUTION IN THESE AREAS. The X-Games attendees will most likely be ROWDY and AMUSED BY YOUR COSTUMES. They may assault you, harass you, or a variety of things. WALK IN GROUPS. DO NOT GO ALONE ANYWHERE.

Most events for the X-Games start around 2pm, but the earliest event is at 10am. That means to get to the convention center AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE so you'll encounter the minimal member of X-Games attendees. Information about the X-Games schedule can be found HERE.…




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