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very beautiful *______*
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Wonderful capture, I thought it was a painting at first :giggle:!
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It's so beautiful, really well done =)
:+fav: :aww:
I could be like others and say "Oh I love this sooo much because im a poet." but I think I'll just tell you what I like about it from an artist's point of view. I love how the feather is soaked in different colours and how the tip has what I assume is either ink or blood. The white background adds something undescribable yet great to the shot! Awesom stuff!
FallenDefect's avatar
Ack tirex.. not like you... i love it..

Thornguage's avatar
i am a poet and i truely love this piece

well done
solarbaby's avatar
absolutely smearingly red and greenly wiltedly great. :+fav:
lofijunkie's avatar
a different piece from you all together;
no signature border, and quite minimalistic ...

the contrasting colors work well and help with the movement of the feather's spine ...

the res is kinda goofin my eyes up, it makes me feel uneasy, and i think i like that ...

the title is what makes this a solid piece for me, it allows my mind to wander whilst my eyes continue to do the same.
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the prettiest feather i ever did see.. did it come from the prettiest bird?
lofijunkie's avatar
might be an ass feather from and a goose in heat with dysentary ;)
crushed-melon's avatar
:very balanced. yet asymmetrical. <3
Calliope00's avatar
nothing to say... only to +fav =)
Coldone's avatar
Beautifull to look at!
alyn's avatar
that's subtley, really very pretty :nod: :) nice photo indeed
angelynx's avatar
nice.good job
sketchy-kitty's avatar
SO cool! i want one!
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What an amazing capture of this feather with all the colors of (paint?) there. Would make an excellent high-end print, in my opinion.
raychrls's avatar
Clever idea, excellent execution. : )
nebu's avatar
I love the colors and the simplicity of this piece. This is so different for you, and a delightful surprise. :)
raggy-doll's avatar
This is beautiful dear the colours look so bright and in your face stands out perfectly against the white a lovely photo hunny bee LOVELY PHOTO .

esicardi's avatar
Great job indeed! :)
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