Up sh1t creek and the boat is sinking.

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I hate to bring my personal drama online but... Well, I've applied for 3-5 jobs a day since October, have had a dozen interviews now, each and everyone of them was thrilled with my skill set and very happy with my experience. Yet I still do not have a job, follow ups always find them having found a person more suited for a job that I am perfectly suited for or they are still looking for funding to bring on another person (why the hell post the job in the first place) or just straight up no reply... Unemployment ran out last month and savings is gone. IRS said they will not be sending out refunds until next week even though we filed in February. So I can say I am not doing so well on any front. Never gone this long without a job and it is starting to really hurt. Car will probably be repo'd soon, and I am at rock bottom here. So in short I need a fill a few commission slots while I throw away my career and apply at the post office. I mean who needs a decade of experience, amazing referrals, and a literal endless pool of talent... Really frustrated right now.

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Hey, sorry I'm late, kinda been ignoring my DA, if you're still not dead, exactly how much would you say you need? I don't make too much, but I live in a barracks and don't really have too many bills, and I enjoy the hell out of your comics, so I figure I can at least help a bit. If you can, message me
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Hey, I've been enjoying your comic for awhile now and hope things get better. Best regards from the cold Canadian north TOC!
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Aw, TOC, this sucks. All the huggles and positive thoughts from Denmark I can possibly send. However, being in the limbo of unimployment myself, and with a wedding coming up I can't afford any commissions this time round. If/when I find a job, I will keep this in mind though!
TiredOrangeCat's avatar
No worries Kam, just nice to hear from you!  Congratz again on the Wedding, tell Arne I said hi!
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I don't know what do say, I wish I had more to give than I do, but I don't...
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