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Plush and Blood: 1000 Pages

1000 Pages.  Thank you all for reading!  From The Unstuffed to  Memory's Threads this has been quite a journey.  Full of new experiences and life changes along the way. The art has gone from utterly terrible to sort of not insulting to the eye. When I started this comic I was working as a Character Technical Director for the video game industry.  From then I have worked as a Character TD, Lead Motion Capture TD, Smartphone developer, and a fine woodworker in my off time. I have made a fortune and lost a fortune thanks to the economic collapse. I have never lost a job due to incompetence, I have lost every job I have ever held due to the company's mismanagement of their employees and funds. The only job I have never lost is this one.  I can't lose this one and hoped for a while it could become my mainstay.  Renewed Circles and Patreon has taken baby steps in that direction but the interest for Stuffed Animals traveling from a Utopian existence to a post apocalyptic wasteland is just not there.  It seems no matter how hard I try I can not drum up the kind of attention some of the more terrible webcomics out there can pull in.  Their fan bases thrive off the drama and mental instability of their creators. I don't have drama and I am of sound mind if you believe the voices in my head. I don't stoop to pron or sexualization of my characters for profit, and this I think hurts me more than anything else. No T&A no interest from the "13-25" crowd of bois which make up the largest viewing demographic of webcomics. As always Plush and Blood will continue to update for the fans that continue to read.  It is to you that I owe my thanks.  To you that have paid those pink bills that seem to come with more regularity lately. To you that have supported me through the good times and the bad.  My thanks go to you that believe in me and my story. Maybe one day Plush and Blood will finally find a footing and make something of itself.  Until then I will sit in my little corner of the internet and pen deeply emotional, extraordinarily violent, subversive stories. I hope you will all stick around to read them.

- Corey "TiredOrangeCat" Messer

PS. If you have an extra dollar please toss it in my direction to support Plush and Blood.…
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You go TiredOrangeCat! Your comic is golden! Don't let anything knock you down! CURSE YOU! 
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This comic has held my interest for the longest of any other on the web. The style is fun, and the story is dark. I started reading close to the beginning, and keep watch as it goes. <3 Also, I love the lack of drama lol!! When personal lives bleed into the comics, it becomes cluttered. This is clean, unsullied. Love it.
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looking back at some of the characters bring a tear to my eye
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Many heartfelt congratulations. I know this has been a long labor of love (and frustration, and probably some tears). This is a fantastic milestone and you deserve every bit of adoration and praise you get for it! Here's to another 1,000 pages!
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Thanks Panfah.  I'd say equal parts frustration and enjoyment, although frustration seems to be winning lately. No matter how hard I try or how much money I spend I cannot expand the audience.  This has been a major sticking point for me and at times has sapped my enjoyment of the creation of the comic.  When I see garbage out there pulling in three times the audience I do the question on my mind is always "what am I doing wrong" and the answer really is nothing most of the time.  So I just continue on creating what I enjoy regardless of the attention it is getting. It give me a chance to connect with the readers that do enjoy the comic, so thank you for reading!
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I am in the 13-25 range of bois (as you say), and I love your comic, it is currently the only one that I am able to follow page for page as they come out. And I am currently giving almost more than I have to your Patron.

Also, keep on going, you're infinitely impressing with your perseverance.
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This is simply wonderful! Too great to withstand without getting blinded X3
It's always so cool to see so many great characters together in a single picture =)
You did a very great job with this webserie, and i deeply hope to still see this going on for a very long time, or until ends will occur ;)
Thank you for this great story^^
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I almost missed Cheshire.
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