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Memory's Threads 545 is up!


Memory's Threads 545 is now up! There will be some changes in the way the comic is presented. You will notice a fluctuating art style until I figure out what I want to focus on. Due to a colossal shift in my life I no longer have time to color each page. I may return to color at some point but the comic from here out will be primarily black and white. Coloring composed 75% of my overall time crafting a page. This was not an easy decision since I really enjoy how the colored pages look, but sadly I cannot dedicate the time to color like I used too. BUT the comic will continue and the story will be run to conclusion. THANK YOU for those of you with the patience enough to stick with the comic after this extended lull. It is heartening to see so many comments in support of its return. And now enough of this sob fest, lets get down to business and let the stuffing fly.

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Oho, elephant man! Big fella, ain't he?
B/W is fine since we get to see more of the story this way, but I hope you can do a color print run in the future! (and hopefully I can buy such a thing at the time, should it become a reality!)
Thanks for keeping at it and I hope you and yours are doing well! 8-)
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... It's really hard to figure out what's going on in this page...