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Hello all! I am TiredOrangeCat, writer and artist of the online graphic novel Plush and Blood. The setting takes place in a world populated by stuffed animals once ruled by a Utopian society under an invisible boot of totalitarianism; All the while being manipulated through the augmentation of their stuffing. If that isn't enough of a hook for you the story winds it's way through a dark philosophical tale of our perception of freedom under the guise of intentions that sit on the border of good and evil.

Currently there are two main stories:

The Unstuffed: The first tale in the Plush and Blood universe was completed in 2010 coming in at a little over 450 pages of action packed, morally questionable, jaw dropping story. You can follow this link to start The Unstuffed:

Memory's Threads: The second and currently running tale in the Plush and Blood Universe follows Katt ten years after the events of The Unstuffed as she searches for answers to her past. It is a dark journey of self discovery and coming to terms of what makes you, you. You can follow this link to start Memory's Threads:

For the latest page you can use the following link:


Social Links!! Here is the collected Social media sites that I update/maintain frequently. If you visit any others on a regular basis let me know and I will add them to the list. These can all be found on the front page of my site as well. www.plushandblood.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/PlushAndBlood
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Plush and Blood Forum - plushandblood.com/murof/


Favourite Movies
Pandorum, Paprika, Amelie, My Neighbor Totoro
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Classical, Beethoven, Liszt, Copeland, Mahler, Hyden, Shostakovich, Paganini, Motzart, JS Bach, CBE Bach
Favourite Books
Fiasco, Solaris, Eden, Battle Royale, Lies of Loke Lamora
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Stanislaw Lem
Favourite Games
Chrono Trigger, Professor Layton, Dead Space, Deathspank,
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Leatherman, Flashlight, Cresent Wrench, Pen, Mechanical Pencil, Electrical tape, Staedtler Eraser
Other Interests
comics, movies, reading, drawing, fine woodworking, rebuilding muscle cars, riding horses


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I really enjoyed this piece. I have fond memories of this game (which now makes me feel really old lol). The technique is a departure from your regular style (which is visually stunning) for a more minimalistic approach (which is visually playful). The muted tones and color palettes work very well together and give the game a refreshing atmosphere. The patterns and "off kilter" overlapping layout gives the individual panels a sense of depth and movement. It has a paper Mario feel to it without "being" paper Mario, giving the game a distinct feel. The only complaint I have is that there is no mod to a rom incorporating your style. I would like to see more of these "minimal" approaches to game themes.
Quackshot Fresco
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The only few critiques I have is the hutch in the foreground is not defined enough for the casual eye to make out. I do not think it is the blur necessarily but the texture gets lost in the tree behind it. This leads to a loss of depth on the left lower corner, which plays down the visual impact of the total piece. Holding my thumb over this corner greatly expands the overall depth and distance of the piece.

Feena's left arm and right leg are a little elusive as well. As an artist I can fill it in visually but my instant reaction to it is her silhouette is just a bit off.

Over all I enjoy the atmosphere of your pieces, they really tend to suck the eye in and refuse to let go.
Perfume of Adventure
This looks absolutely fantastic!! Love the symbology and latin very good work.
||Barcode Beauty|| SPEEDPAINT ADDED
No worries Kam, just nice to hear from you!  Congratz again on the Wedding, tell Arne I said hi!
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Usagi was a fantastic comic! Definitely something that influenced me in my youth.