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Late in posting this loss as well ... that makes two GREAT artists lost in April of 2020. I always admired Gimenez's work and could spot it a mile away. I first fell in love with his work in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine when I was a child in the '70s and '80s. His work always had a very distinct style to it and I loved that style of smooth colors, almost like his characters were made out of polished stone.

"Writer/artist Juan Giménez died at the age of 76 on April 2, 2020, in his hometown of Mendoz, Argentina. The passing was confirmed by long-time publisher Humanoids. 

"RIP Juan Giménez, the writer, artist, and genre trailblazer behind The Metabarons, The Fourth Power, and Leo Roa," the company tweeted. "The universe is a darker place to explore without you."

According to the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, Giménez had been hospitalized since March 22 and was later diagnosed with COVID-19.

Born Juan Antonio Giménez López in 1943, the Argentinian artist moved to Spain to attend Barcelona's Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, Giménez became a popular name in the European comics scene - particularly working in the science fiction genre. His work reached an even broader audience with the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal, for which he designed the "Harry Cannon" short. In 1992, he began work on what was to be one of his hallmark series - Metabarons with writer Alejandro Jodorowsky.

"He did beautiful elaborate and decorative work that was the envy of many, including me," said Walter Simonson. "Never met him, but I didn't have to. His influence touched my work and still remains, hidden away here and there."

Metabaron Art
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Sad news indeed. Artist Tim White, 68, died April 6, 2020 after a long period of poor health. White was a prolific SF cover artist from the '70s through the '90s.

I had the personal pleasure of talking to Tim several times in my life. His work was inspirational to me as a child of the '70's.

Rest in peace, artist.

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Wow!  Thank you for all of the adds and the new watches!  I'm humbled at the responses to The Astronaut's Tomb.
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I kept telling myself, all day Friday, that I was going to build some scratchbuilt Lightsabers (the hilts).  The recipe is simple enough, a Lightsaber hilt is basically just a tube, two hands tall, with an emitter array at one end and handle at the other.  What goes inbetween is pretty much a free-for-all.  Well, it was a long day Friday so I got home, got out of my work clothes, got my jammies on and basically told myself that I was going to take a nap for an hour then get up and build a Lightsaber.  Sometime in the next three hours I snoozed, I can't remember if I got anything to eat or not, and I basically said "screw it" and went to sleep for the night.  Saturday morning I was going to wake up early and get things done.  I slept late.  It felt great.  I woke up, threw on my jeans and a T-shirt and, determined, built a Lightsaber in about 20 minutes.  Later that afternoon I was going to build another Lightsaber but I couldn't decide on the design ... I basically had two emitter arrays built and two end caps so I just said why build two in one day when I can build three?

And that's what I did.

The Lightsabers are built out of wood dowels, off the rack wood parts and some metal ring hooks.  Each saber is about 85% complete as I need to prime them, paint them and detail them but the core of the project is there.

Pictures soon, the unfinished sabers will be posted tomorrow.  I'll work on finishing them up as I can but it was a fun Saturday project.
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Pegasus Hobbies has been teasing us with their Terminator license ... a long time ago, there were very few Terminator kits.  Horizon produced a few Arnies, a bare Endo and a flying HK all in vinyl which isn't the most forgiving material to work with.  Tskuda (sp) produced an Endo with plasma rifle that was very nice and another company, I can't remember who, produced an Arnie with the long slide .45 from the first movie ... that figure is ancient and very, very rare.  Pegasus Hobbies has acquired the license to produce Terminator models ... their first is the Aerial HK which looks a little stunted but beggars can't be choosers.  I plan on getting a few and kitbashing them ... the first will probably be bone box stock.  The second will be the "Buster" I drew out and included on my website and the fourth will be a kitbash of a four turbine heavy armed transport.  Pegasus says that this model is in 1/35th scale which puts it in scale with most modern military miniatures which is a good thing  since you can pretty much kitbash the Resistance out of 1/35th off the shelf offerings.  Pegasus says they'll also produce a 1/35th HK tank with support Endos ... that's going to be the real prize since the only time that any company has produced a 1/35 HK tank and Endos was Argonauts back in the 1990's and those kits were Japan only and super expensive at well over $150 when they were new.

I look forward to these new kits not just for the subject but because they will be mass produced injection molded and that will make them very affordable.  CultTVMan's website has some box art and preliminary pictures of the aerial HK which means it is almost as good as here.  Hopefully the HK tank won't be too far behind that.
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