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I kept telling myself, all day Friday, that I was going to build some scratchbuilt Lightsabers (the hilts).  The recipe is simple enough, a Lightsaber hilt is basically just a tube, two hands tall, with an emitter array at one end and handle at the other.  What goes inbetween is pretty much a free-for-all.  Well, it was a long day Friday so I got home, got out of my work clothes, got my jammies on and basically told myself that I was going to take a nap for an hour then get up and build a Lightsaber.  Sometime in the next three hours I snoozed, I can't remember if I got anything to eat or not, and I basically said "screw it" and went to sleep for the night.  Saturday morning I was going to wake up early and get things done.  I slept late.  It felt great.  I woke up, threw on my jeans and a T-shirt and, determined, built a Lightsaber in about 20 minutes.  Later that afternoon I was going to build another Lightsaber but I couldn't decide on the design ... I basically had two emitter arrays built and two end caps so I just said why build two in one day when I can build three?

And that's what I did.

The Lightsabers are built out of wood dowels, off the rack wood parts and some metal ring hooks.  Each saber is about 85% complete as I need to prime them, paint them and detail them but the core of the project is there.

Pictures soon, the unfinished sabers will be posted tomorrow.  I'll work on finishing them up as I can but it was a fun Saturday project.
Pegasus Hobbies has been teasing us with their Terminator license ... a long time ago, there were very few Terminator kits.  Horizon produced a few Arnies, a bare Endo and a flying HK all in vinyl which isn't the most forgiving material to work with.  Tskuda (sp) produced an Endo with plasma rifle that was very nice and another company, I can't remember who, produced an Arnie with the long slide .45 from the first movie ... that figure is ancient and very, very rare.  Pegasus Hobbies has acquired the license to produce Terminator models ... their first is the Aerial HK which looks a little stunted but beggars can't be choosers.  I plan on getting a few and kitbashing them ... the first will probably be bone box stock.  The second will be the "Buster" I drew out and included on my website and the fourth will be a kitbash of a four turbine heavy armed transport.  Pegasus says that this model is in 1/35th scale which puts it in scale with most modern military miniatures which is a good thing  since you can pretty much kitbash the Resistance out of 1/35th off the shelf offerings.  Pegasus says they'll also produce a 1/35th HK tank with support Endos ... that's going to be the real prize since the only time that any company has produced a 1/35 HK tank and Endos was Argonauts back in the 1990's and those kits were Japan only and super expensive at well over $150 when they were new.

I look forward to these new kits not just for the subject but because they will be mass produced injection molded and that will make them very affordable.  CultTVMan's website has some box art and preliminary pictures of the aerial HK which means it is almost as good as here.  Hopefully the HK tank won't be too far behind that.
I was in Books A Million the other day and noticed a much more accurate phaser II replica in the size that I want, produced by Running Press, it's a much more faithful reproduction at this scale than the keychain variant though it only lights up ... strange.  You would think that it would make a phaser sound as well, sound chips  are so cheap these days that having just a light up phaser is kind of a rip for $10 but the detail is there and hopefully in the next week or two there will be the mockup of the Phaser rifle (TOS) and I'm really leaning on doing another Matchbox Raygun.  The itch is there so ...
Just purchased a good size Star Trek TOS Phaser II keychain on Ebay.  It lights up and makes classic Phaser noise and will be easier to use to create a scaled physical version of the Type II+R Phaser rifle design than one of my 1:1 scale Phasers.  Work at multiple jobs has kept me from having much time for my art and projects other than day dreaming and sketching what I'm going to build if I get the chance but I've got 6 nights free coming my way soon and that should be enough to squeeze out a few more quick projects.
I'd rate it about a B- ... with a little bit more work I might upgrade it to B+ but then I'm hard on myself.  Just  when I think that I've reached some type of epoch I climb even higher, look back and ask myself "what was I thinking to consider that good?"  I guess the more time passes between a project, the harsher I grade it in retrospect.

Anyway, here's the matchbox raygun as promised.  I actually did get it finished by my personal deadline but my laptop was packed up and I was just too lazy / tired to fool with getting it out, firing it up and doing any kind of photo uploading.

More designs to come ... soon.
I've had to work a lot lately, extra shifts to pick up the slack during a time when one of my coworkers was out with colon cancer (speedy recovery!) and we were short handed.  The good news is that we just hired two more people so my schedule is not only back to the amount of time that it used to be but it's back to, well, being on schedule ... so I can plan my time for other projects.  Yeah, I'm overworked but I rather be overworked than unemployed.  I'd rather go without sleep and rest than a paycheck so I don't complain ...

I've almost finished my Starfleet Federation Ajax class Heavy Destroyer model, it's a scratchbuilld using a J.J. Abrams electronic toy NCC-1701 Enterprise (purchased at a local second-hand retail outlet for fifty cents, no lie).  I chopped it up on my scroll saw, added some parts and made it into a rather nice addition to the alternate reality that JJ Abrams handed us Trekies a few years ago.  While I liked the movie, I'm not too gung-ho about the spaceship designs or the fact that the Enterprise is so big now (or the fact that some of its engineering decks seem to have been shot inside a beer brewery and look nothing like the inside of a starship).  Match that with JJ Abrams going spastic with lens-flare and you've got a movie that's kind of hard to watch.  I'm looking somewhat forward to seeing the sequel this summer and I was hoping that it would have 400% less lens-flare than the first movie but alas, looking at the trailer I think I'm going to have to take some seriously dark sunglasses to the movie when I go just to be able to enjoy it.

Work on the Model 2138, my matchbox raygun project, is almost complete and I'll post it here soon.  Follow that with the "Zeus" matchbox raygun project coming shortly on the heels of the first and I've got my next few days mapped out for finishing projects.  Once I do a few of these matchbox rayguns I'll probably move up from making 1/6 scale weapons to 1/4 or 1/2 scale and finally maybe some 1/1 scale.

Some may also be for sale so if you like you might be able to have.
A new year is coming and I'm trying to get an early start on changing my life to where I can devote more time to my hobbies.