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The Astronaut's Tomb

An image of a long dead astronaut.

Whether it's a forgotten and derelict corpse found floating in space by future astronauts or a restless malevolent ghoul trying to get into a spaceship or space station to wreck havoc on the living crew is up to the imagination of the viewer.

Partially inspired by all the dead American and Russian astronauts through history, by that old Scooby Doo episode featuring the blue skeleton astronaut that laughed manically and by the "B-17" segment of the 1980 movie "Heavy Metal."
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Dr. Who had an ep with animated skeletons in space suits.  Damned scary image, that;s for sure.  Great detail
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"Even in death, my powers continue" 
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Awesome job ,is the astronaut in original photo is Takao Doi from JAXA ? 
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I believe it is.  I found a picture of an astronaut looking in a window of the shuttle somewhere in one of my countless searches and the astronaut seemed to be pranking the crew ... like he was rapping on the window and waving to the crew inside.  I thought of the "B-17 Bomber" episode from the 1981 animated movie "Heavy Metal" and I wondered what it would be like if an astronaut, a dead astronaut, was trying to get back into the shuttle / spacecraft ... to get at the crew ... and that image was born.

Never knew the astronaut's name but a search for him shows a picture very similar to the one that I used for the basis of this piece.  Thanks for pointing out his name.  I went and read some of the info on Takao Doi ... a very educated, interesting man.
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That "B-17" segment from Heavy Metal ..I assumed that that astronaut was having a good time as his convertible drifted off into deep space. It never occurred to me (until I read through your description) that he could eventually die, especially if he wasn't picked up by a passing ship. I think Heavy Metal 2000 might have 'told' that astronaut fate; I will need to re-watch the intro.

Otherwise grisly and horrifying work, but a great idea nonetheless.

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Thank you!  I don't remember the convertible drifting off into space.  The astronaut was dropped off in high orbit by a shuttle (which had doors on the bottom like a bomber ... ironic and totally not feasible in design since the bottom of the shuttle is the primary heat shield) and then made reentry in his classic Corvette, returning home to see his daughter.  The original HM movie had that intro ... HM2000 was abysmal.  I don't think I could watch it again but I have been wrong before.
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I have HM2K and even I admit that it didn't quite have the same atmosphere as its predecessor, the original Heavy Metal had. Heck, even the final villain fight could have been soooo much better, but, I assume that the CG animators worked with what they had at the time.

Thanks for reminding me that the astronaut in the first HM movie did survive his descent and got to see his daughter, for I have only seen the movie only once on VHS.

Keep on posting your works.
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Man, that is so awesome. What a great book cover that would make.
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really like this kind of feeling~ lonely and mysterious 
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Matt Kowalski after he let go of the Tether in Gravity
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"Hey who turned out the lights"
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the same here :) vashtanerada ^^
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A powerful work and a dark reminder of the Cold War relic known as the Space Race

Peace from Russia~
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totally want this as a tattoo. brilliant
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i swear this would look awesome on my wall. awsome work man
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Thank you. Maybe I can upload a larger image that you could print out in a poster. I'll see what I can do.
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Bloody great job on this image.

Faved and downloaded.

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