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HK Aerial Buster

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AHK 412C Model 312 - "BUSTER"

An Aerial HK used by SKYNET, this one is a flying weapons platform for a single Model 12 heavy plasma gun able to strike deep at underground targets or hardened command centers.  I went back and shortened the plasma gun a bit, took out some of the plasma gun body and shortened the barrel ... it looked a bit ... front heavy and the weapon's hardware seemed unnecessarily ... complicated.  Used from 2015 AD on by SKYNET to strike at human warrens, bunkers, and command posts that were located underground.  The Model 12 heavy plasma gun could not only tunnel through significant depths of rubble but it could turn any underground space into a superhot inferno in a matter of seconds.

The latest addition to SKYNET's forces on my website. I see a lot of my original artwork already up here I decided I might as well add some of it myself.  I know, it's been a few years (too many), but new stuff is coming to the website soon.
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