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Gen II Aerial HK

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Gen II Aerial HK, a somewhat improved model of Aerial that was a bridge between the Gen I and the later, much more effective Gen III models.

The Gen II has more power from a more efficient onboard reactor, a higher order of processing power through Gen II electronics, heightened sensors and scanners, higher speed and greater stability due to an active flight control system that includes an additional pair of snub wings for stabilization, especially at low speeds.

A slight increase in armor, especially around the sensors, makes this Aerial harder to kill than the Gen I models. Armament remains the same, a gimbal mounted rapid pulse phased plasma gun that tucks up on a motorized mount and has a traverse or slew rating of better than 180 degrees per second. The deflection of the plasma gun was also improved allowing it to fire almost straight down. A Gen II-A model featured an upgraded rapid pulse phased plasma gun with a longer barrel and greater stutter pulse output for a much higher rate of fire.

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