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Federation Phaser II+R concept (TOS) by TiredJadedSoul Federation Phaser II+R concept (TOS) by TiredJadedSoul
The original “Phaser rifle" was less a "rifle" and more of a hastily converted industrial Phaser drill fitted with crude optics, an advanced (for that time period) fire control system, and a three chamber power system. It was bulky, unwieldy and not very pleasant to use. Five examples were manufactured and one was loaned to the crew of the USS Enterprise, by request from Commander Spock, in 2265.

The crew of the Enterprise kept the Phaser “rifle” for evaluation purposes but found that its use was limited more by its cumbersome design than by a lack of need for such a weapon. Two examples were kept for testing purposes at the design center and two other Phaser “rifles” were assigned on a rotating basis with the captains of the other Constitution class starships. After the end of a three year study the need for a combat oriented Phaser was outlined and designs were accepted from major Phaser producers with the winner being Sietar Holden, Ltd. who based their design on integrating the Phaser I and Phaser II combo into a third larger frame which provided increased power reserves and greater efficiency in a “fire-through” design similar to the co-basis used in the Phaser I / Phaser II symbiosis.

The result was the Type II+R Phaser, where “+” stood for the fact that the Type II Phaser was required to operate the new design as an integral component and the “R” designation, of course, stood for “Rifle” even though it has been pointed out that a Phaser can’t really be a “pistol” or “rifle” since it is more properly termed a “projector”. The term Phaser “rifle” was merely a colloquial holdout to older weapons and examples of larger long guns from eras that still used chemically propelled projectiles to cause harm and death.

The need for a Phaser “rifle” was evident and it was a growing need in the late 2260’s and early 2270’s. The Phaser was a weapon, true, but it was also a multi-purpose tool. It was a well-known fact that such a tool had to be evolved back into a higher powered weapon version in order to meet the increasing dangers that the Federation faced from exterior threat level civilizations such as the Klingons and Romulans.

Indeed, the Klingons and the Romulans had already begun equipping their large numbers of standing troops with disruptor rifle weapons and the larger, much more powerful disruptor weapons were appearing in use in well documented political incidents along the Neutral Zone. Weapon merchants and illegal arms dealers / smugglers along both sides of the Neutral Zone began to carry large stocks of the disruptor based weapons including the disruptor rifle and disruptor grenades. Federation as well as Starfleet authorities managed to capture several examples of the disruptor rifle and after thorough examination, the Federation determined that it would soon need a more powerful Phaser, a purpose built combat Phaser.

The standard and most powerful hand held Phaser weapon in service with Starfleet since the early 2270's, the Type II+R Phaser is found in limited quantities on any Federation vessel or installation that carries the standard Type I and Type II handheld Phasers onboard.

The Type II+R Phaser is a continuation of the standard Phaser family in that it expands the available Phaser power and capabilities by further integrating the Type I and Type II into a larger, self-powered emitter frame. The Type I / Type II / Type II+R combination doubles the range of the Type I / Type II combo and triples the available power supply as well with the inclusion of the integrated dilithium sunken well-type power core (located on the right side of the Phaser and easily replaceable by the user).

The Type II+R Phaser is standard issue to Starfleet Marine units during away missions and one Type II+R Phaser will be included in the armory for each Starfleet Marine present. Additional Type II+R Phasers will also be available, in limited quantity, for use in emergencies by the rest of the crew.

The Type II+R Phaser can also be assigned at Captain's discretion to onboard Security personnel and / or other crew members or away team members when and as needed though the Type II+R Phaser is seldom issued in simple away missions unless a very real and identifiable threat is present.

The Type II+R Phaser is designed with a twelve coil phasing attenuator which gives the Type II+R Phaser its much greater efficiency. An integral handgrip (removable to create a perimeter foregrip) and increased cooling capacity share the design with the single sided adjustable stock (which can be swapped from side to side depending on handedness of the user or removed completely and reinstalled in a manner of seconds by a trained user).

The Type II+R Phaser is a "pusher" or "fire through" design (similar to the Type I Phaser) in that the Type I Phaser / Type II Phaser combo fire "into" the Type II+R Phaser and the Type II+R Phaser enhances the dishcarge from the Type I Phaser / Type II Phaser combo.

Selection of emission level and type as well as beam width and duration are handled by the selector switches and selector dials on the Type I Phaser / Type II Phaser combo.

Long range accuracy is handled by using the all aspect, all condition "flexy" sight which has operating ranges of infra-red as well as telescopic zoom out to 500x power. If the flexy sight becomes damaged, the backup sighting system uses the flexy sight found on the Type I Phaser for targeting. Two sling swivels also allow a standard sling to be equipped so that the Type II+R Phaser may be shoulder slung when not needed or carried across the chest in a quick-ready position.

Examples of the Type II+R Phaser were produced for both the Phaser III / Phaser IV series (late 23rd century … known as the Type IV+R Phaser) as well as the Mark II series of Phasers (known as the Mark II Type II+R Phaser).

The Type II+R Phaser was eventually retired from active Starfleet service as the most powerful portable Phaser and replaced with the newer compression style Phasers which began to enter service during the 24th century.

Artist note - I always liked the idea of a phaser rifle but I felt that the one that Kirk used looked more like some kind of 23rd century smoothie maker or super-juicer than a phaser rifle. Star Trek (TOS) props were one step above basement artist stuff and I find a special place in my heart for the old TV series era technology ... before CGI and FX replaced good writing as a way to carry the episode and a time when everything was done on a shoestring budget.

As far as memorable sci-fi weapons, Star Trek led the way with the innovative phaser I plugs into phaser II to make a more powerful weapon concept so I thought that a neat / logical design for a phaser "rifle" would be something that the Type I / Type II phaser combo plugged into.

I've got a few toy phasers around my workshop so I may try to cobble this up in 1:1 scale. This rendering is part of my ongoing Starfleet Marines (TOS) musings. More to post soon.
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DrCuddlebug Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you mind if I used this concept in a project of mine? I have an idea for a TOS mod for a Star Trek game and I've been looking for weapon designs for it. 
TiredJadedSoul Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure!  It's meant for inspiration so if you can get some mileage out of it be my guest.  I've since redesigned it into something I think is far more TOS.  I'll post the other / new design soon.
TiredJadedSoul Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Still not happy with the stock ... I'd like something that looks more permanent and less like a wire stock on a 1950's era SMG.
Arnie100 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Very nice! Will you be doing the other two you mentioned? I wouldn't mind seeing those! :)
TiredJadedSoul Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. I just purchased (on Ebay) a Type II Phaser keychain(it makes a phaser sound and lights up). I remember seeing this at Toys R Us a few years ago and thought it would be a good intermediate scale to attempt a "physical" rendition of my drawing. The Phaser fits in the palm of my hand so I'm guesstimating that the final size of the physical model will be about a foot (.3m) give or take. If it works out well, I may move up to a 1:1 scale version using one of the Art Asylum Phasers I have in my collection. I'm also seeing room for improvement on the design, it's good but it's still not where I want it to be for the kind of simplicity of design that Star Trek (TOS) had as a "feel" to technology.
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