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I was first introduced to Charles Bukowski, as a child, in 1978, when I found a copy of HUSTLER magazine in the woods near where I lived.  Looking back now, I was 8 or 9 years old when I was first introduced to pornography and, yes, I really did read the articles in the magazines and I loved the comics and cartoons (I also became a fan of Gahan Wilson whose cartoons were a standard in PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE, IIRC.). 

It was an amazing time in my life ...

Every few weeks I'd be playing in the woods near my house and I'd find porn magazines seemingly discarded at random.  Most of them were current issues or just a few months old at most.  After that, my friends and I went to various wooded lots around our subdivisions and we were amazed at what amounted to a king's ransom of porn mags just discarded at random in the woods.  I collected as many as I could find (go figure ... what curious 8-year-old boy wouldn't) and I really did read the articles.  I liked the stories, too, and my favorite author became Charles Bukowski.  The first Bukowski short story I ever read was called "An Affair of Very Little Importance" and it appeared in Hustler - Vol. 4 - No. 11 - May - 1978.  I still remember reading that story, as an 8-year-old with a voracious appetite for reading, and immediately falling in love with Bukowski's gritty writing style.  It wasn't until I was in my teens that I started to collect Bukowski (outside of dirty magazines) and read him in earnest ... and I've never regretted it.

Bukowski and I may not have shared similar lives, but we shared a similar outlook on life ... on women, on drinking, on the human race in general and I guess that's what makes Bukowski one of my favorite authors because reading Bukowski is like reading ... me.

Years later, in retelling the story of my introduction to Bukowski to some friends, I invented the legend of the "Porn Fairy" much like the Tooth Fairy, but the Porn Fairy left dirty magazines in the woods for good little boys to find.  

You can read more about this part of my life on my website, under the "TALES FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT" section ...…
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