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Take one animation from the show and change the context to high hell because nothing can be taken seriously.

Happy season 5 everyone.

Gif version without the scratching post:
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Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.36 PM

THIS IS DISGUSTING!!! I would NEVER do something, so, so, HIDEOUS like that!!! TAKE THIS DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.30 PM

You have to say your gay.

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.36 PM

I'm gay.

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.30 PM

Aw, f*ck.

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RARITY LIKE DIS! But I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ But I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ  
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Is this so fun!!!But I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ 
Rarity like this!!!
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Raricat like that toy!
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You use the rarity in the return of the harmony part 1?( when she turned into greed... )
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But I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ MUST SCRATCH OF THE POST 

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite Really?
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oh my god this so funny XD
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This is too damn cute. Heart 
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This is so hilarious! I thought she was a cat too!
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That's so cute to see Rarity trying to scratch that post like a cat.
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Is she scratching it or punching it to take out her frustrations. She'd probably like one of those jolly balls (a GIANT ball for horses to play with). 
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That's pretty funny. I just wanna know from what episode is that animation.
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Season 5 episode 2, Rarity was pounding on Starlight's door.
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I'd love to see some pony IRL videos parodying all the viral cat videos :D
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I could watch this for hours... and I think that I will...
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