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Rainbow Dash Puppet Rig

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Well next up was Rainbow Dash, she was the quickest. Although we are making these puppets to get away from Double Rainboom, they still did her hair and tail fairly well. So I used most of those on the puppet here, and saved myself a few hundred hours of doing them over myself. However the Library is a mess because of this if anyone cares. DRB was a lot of symbol spam.

Here is the link to the Lash Stand of Harmony website: cast-2013.wix.com/laststandofh…
Credits go to the LSOH team for helping me make these.

It is important to note that I intend to fix these up constantly and add new parts etc, so check back here once in a while for an updated pony base. I'll probably upload a video on YouTube on using these.

Also keep in mind they haven't been tested to much so if you decide to download and use them feel free to note anything here that could be fixed or improved.

~Notes about the puppet~
-The brow symbol to make an >: ( look is located as a hidden anchor near the top side of the eye.
-Cheeks are located in the lower lashes symbol.
-Darken the Blink Cycle Symbol by around -10% or so for that emotional turmoil look.
-You can break apart a symbol like the front legs to further adjust the rotation of each part.
-Front Mouth Symbol, Frame 39.

~Things to Update on the puppet~
-Making the Eye and their blink cycles was the biggest pain of all, I will never truly be done working on them.
-A lot of the parts on the puppet like the wings were lined up roughly by hand, so I may need to tinker a bit more.
-Apparently I am missing a ton of different front and back legs comps. Also missing a ton of mouth comps, I'll have to look through some more refs to find them unless someone could just point them out to me.
-Wings are just uggg. As of now they only have the 8 and 13 frame flapping from Mr. Beaudette. They are the same on every angle and are missing a ton of other flapping wing cycles. The problem with making those for me is that the back wing is a different look completely then the front wing. It is often hidden behind the torso covering to much of it for a trace and I can't draw at all.
-A few problems here and there about line width.

Update: 3/26: Updated to the next version, also removed a bunch of the symbol spam Double Rainboom felt like doing with their assets.
Update: 4/11: Update to Next Puppet Version.
Adobe Flash CS6 Download: www.mediafire.com/download/ifs…
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LucasTheMotherArtistHobbyist Filmographer
Um can you please help me? I having trouble with the head on rainbow dash. It's like the eye ball would come out of her head when I break it apart. How can I put her eye back in place it seems impossible for me.
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Just don't break it apart.
LucasTheMotherArtist's avatar
LucasTheMotherArtistHobbyist Filmographer
Ooooh then how do I move the head parts without breaking it...pwease
TiredBrony's avatar
Go inside the symbol and animate it from there.
LucasTheMotherArtist's avatar
LucasTheMotherArtistHobbyist Filmographer
West228's avatar
Help me. I don't know how to transformate RD, I can't see the bones and other conrollers. I'm a beginner in Adobe Flash Professional. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
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GeneralGosmerHobbyist General Artist
You spin me right round babe, right round babe.
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deeplove108Hobbyist General Artist
Whenever I see this, all I can think is "The Awesome Rainbow Pony Goes Round`n Round"
RainbowStriked's avatar
RainbowStrikedProfessional General Artist
I prefer your puppets then the ones from Double Rainboom, honestly. These are so much easier to use and have more to offer, and is more show accurate. Good job.:)
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XeronikHobbyist Writer
i have a question, what is a puppet rig?  i heard something about a dilemma with Double Rainboom, which i didn't even know what that was until a while ago, and now i keep reading stuff like "he stole DHX's rig" blah blah, and i am totally confused :( is it like something to do with the flash media animation programs?  i don't understand how flash works :s
TiredBrony's avatar
It's the things we pose in Flash for animation so we don't have to draw something every frame. It's not allowed to include anything made by people at DHX for legal reasons.
Xeronik's avatar
XeronikHobbyist Writer
oh... okays, i guess i knew nothing about flash animation, explains a lot ^_^ thanks!
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YAY!!! DASHIE!!!Es increible!  Good Job!!!Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash 
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MelodyHedgieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm new to puppet animating and I feel stupid about asking this question but...how do you change the position of the puppets?
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
Somepony wanna tell me where the image is in these files? All I see is a blank background with a symbol in the center.
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LelomniProfessional Artisan Crafter
You need to update flash. ;p
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
It IS updated to the current version.
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KirbyFluttershyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow... this is pretty nice!! XDD
I came here from this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXhkyP…

Hm.... XDDD
ImTooYoungToBeHere's avatar
Can you make a Twilight Sparkle puppet next?
Lyssas3DPonies's avatar
Lyssas3DPoniesHobbyist Filmographer
OfficialGrapebloom's avatar
OfficialGrapebloomProfessional Digital Artist
I really need a pinkie pie puppet
AdamAnimationz's avatar
AdamAnimationzHobbyist Filmographer
Who's next? :)
TiredBrony's avatar
I'm going to start working on Pinkie Pie before I have to work on custom made eyes for the rest.
AdamAnimationz's avatar
AdamAnimationzHobbyist Filmographer
awesome :D could you add the duck face to the other views aswell? :)
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