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Putting Away a Trixie

Seeking professional help to convince me to stop making these.
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Please don't seek help. These are awesome.
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HAAAHAAAHAA3D Trash Dove Dance 3D Trash Dove Headspin Winged, Wise, And Wobbly Duck says NO Tusken Raider Icon 
I'M A BIRD - Icon Roberto Break Dance Emoticon Birb intensifies Bird - Icon pigeon Fuckin funny
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In Soviet Equestria....
I love your view of things.
I want to live one day in your perspective.
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Why would you want to seek professional help to convince yourself to stop making these? They're brilliant!
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This fandom, i swear xD
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Heh heh, I can't stop watching these! X3
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Somewhere in an alternative universe...
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so many trixie it's never ending XD
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I was expecting this to eventually happen.
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There is no help, Muahahaha!!!
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Great secondary movement there, mate :D
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Role Reversal Intensifies!!
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