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Pinkie Pie Puppet Rig

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Pinkie Pie has the worst hair, mane, and tail. They take the most parts to make that all need to be put on separate layers that look nice when they hook up, not to mention they need to be able to rotate a bit, which I had some problems with. Because of that, some of the vectors in here could use some work. Don't forget to break apart the symbol if you want to use pieces inside the symbol.

Here is the link to the Lash Stand of Harmony website: cast-2013.wix.com/laststandofh…
Credits go to the LSOH team for helping me make these.

It is important to note that we intend to fix these up constantly and add new parts etc, so check back here once in a while for an updated pony base. I'll probably upload a video on YouTube on using these.

Also keep in mind they haven't been tested to much so if you decide to download and use them feel free to note anything here that could be fixed or improved. I'm calling this a BETA testing until they are fixed over the course of the next few months.

~Notes about the puppet~
-The brow symbol to make an >: ( look is located as a hidden anchor near the top side of the eye.
-Cheeks are located in the lower lashes symbol.
-I added the Class Act layer because nothing can be taken seriously. (Use it to your benefit and make lip sync easier)
-Darken the Blink Cycle Symbol by around -10% or so for that emotional turmoil look.
-You can break apart a symbol like the front legs to further adjust the rotation of each part.

~Things to Update on the puppet~
-Making the Eye and their blink cycles was the biggest pain of all, I will never truly be done working on them.
-A lot of the parts on the puppet like the wings were lined up roughly by hand, so I may need to tinker a bit more.
-Apparently I am missing a ton of different front and back legs comps. Also missing a ton of mouth comps, I'll have to look through some more refs to find them unless someone could just point them out to me.
-I also want to add another head angle, for the "looking upward" pony face. Just need to make some more mouth comps for that.
-A few problems here and there about line width.

Update: 3/26: Upgraded to the next version.
Update: 4/11: Upgraded to the next version.
Puppet Download Link for Flash CS6: www.mediafire.com/download/2x0…
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Powerstar2038Hobbyist Digital Artist
too bad flash is so awful of a program i cant use these puppets really is but ill just make my own in moho/anime studio anyways cuz flash is too hard awful and not good to use at all
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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer
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TheUther1Hobbyist Digital Artist
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MeredithQuickHobbyist Filmographer
Do you mind if I use this? You shall receive credit.
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TheAljavisHobbyist Digital Artist
I used your Pinkie Pie on this testing animation over here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmnu_E…
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Suika999Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Addie1KHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for sharing this awesome puppet! I used it here.
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ToxicAlien2014Student Filmographer
Used and Credited: Link
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Pinkie pie, Stats
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MoonlightStarsquillStudent General Artist
Do you have a version for cs5?
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KirbyFluttershyHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is pretty nice! XD
You make amazing stuff... =3
I mean... I just... wow...
Uh... this is....
Uh... would you mind animating my story? XD
Of course, if you're too busy... o_o
Uh... this looks nice... =3
Well, here's the link.... www.fimfiction.net/story/18842…
Enjoy, and do your best! if you can, that is... =3
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Used to make the pinkie pai thing heer: imtooyoungtobehere.deviantart.…
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lolkat10Professional General Artist
you should make a cupcakes one
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Lyssas3DPoniesHobbyist Filmographer
what does comp mean?
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AskTheKidneyKingEJHobbyist Digital Artist
Your name though
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I would like an Albino Fluttershy puppet for my animations.
You could make three different ones if you wanted; for the three different puppets, use this reference sheet: [link]
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Poni-p-o-l-k-aHobbyist Digital Artist
I find this somewhat amusing..
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KcizsckieeStudent General Artist
Wow! Really nice!
Looks a lot like the DHX puppets!
When do you think you'll release the Twilight puppet?
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Lyssas3DPoniesHobbyist Filmographer
he/she is having another person do the twilight puppet.
Kcizsckiee's avatar
KcizsckieeStudent General Artist
Do you have any clue to who it is? 
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I'm slightly concerned though, all of these look really good -- but you already have a Twilight up, but no download link on her. Will you be releasing another Twilight alongside these puppets, or will a DL link become available on that older Deviant, or will her puppet remain un-downloadable? I think her's is the one a lot of people will be after considering how difficult it is to get her wings looking right (and I think you have done that).

Still looking forward to seeing Fluttershy and Rarity's.
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The Twilight I used in the past was a temporary one with a lot of problems, I would still need to make a full blink symbol, and she is not going to have her Alicorn wings. Alicorn Twilight is a slightly different puppet besides just adding wings. But yeah someone else is supposed to be building Twilight atm, still waiting on them.
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Ah, alrighty. With these 360 ones you've been releasing I've been thinking of using them for what I'm working on, as the 360 views would be much superior to what I'm using -- and I thought the Twilight one specifically would be great because I only had front angles of her, which the wings were wrong for a while (which I got new ones for) -- but the proper wings, as in the flapping motion and just having them out, are clearly Luna's rather than her own.

I haven't animated with your puppets yet, but I've looked inside the files and they are looking like they're gonna take a while to get used to, but will be much more efficient than what I use now. (And of course, when I use them, you will be credited ^_^)

If you know someone making a 360 Alicorn Twilight please let me know, it would be so much help. :)
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