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Ring a ding ding.

Referenced, re-vectored, and reanimated from Season 4 Episode 3.

Made with my new Pinkie Pie Puppet so I'm afraid I can't share the flash files for now.

Featured on Equestria Daily:…
Well this gif has officially received more views than all of my YouTube videos put together... and I still can't think of a funny title for this.
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She's gonna have one big headache.
lilacthebat's avatar
Omg perfect!!! XD
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A alarm clock that has pinkie doing this would be nice and priceless lol
BigMac1212's avatar
The bell must really be hurting right now.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
You know, this scene will cause many PinkieBelle shipfics. xD

I, for one, am excited to read them. :D
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Pinkie-Belle by TiredBrony Dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong *3 days later* dong dong dong dong DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!
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Oh pinkie, what will the world do without you. Love 
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just when i thought that i couldn't love pinkie any more than i already do!
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i swear, so far this was my favorite part of season 4
monkeytsu's avatar
I wanna use this as my spray in l4d2.
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There is a season 4? This is news to me!
MikkiFalls's avatar
Didn't know there was a season 4.
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Well it's pretty awesome sauce...!
MikkiFalls's avatar
Yes, they need to hurry up and make episode 4. :3
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What does the Pinkie say?!

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