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soleil d'amour by tiranaki soleil d'amour by tiranaki
No, I don't speak French, I speak Spanish as my main language so pardon me for butchering up the French language with my title, it's just a phrase thing I came up with and popped into a translator one time I was feeling... down, and I've used it as my MSN name and other things, and since I couldn't think of a title, I decided to use it for this.

Watercolors, might have gone masking fluid-happy there... eh well, I like sparkly stuff *shrugs* I like it, so I dun care <.< So yeah, this is the first thing I've done since coming back from the trip to Savannah, and a lot of stressful things have happened since then so for a while even though I knew I HAD to draw SOMETHING for the portfolio, my mind was totally blank. It took me like 3 weeks to come up with ideas, lol, now it'll take me another 3 weeks to draw something else at this rate ^^; eh well.

Anyways, yeah, was playing around with watercolors cause I really need to get back into those, Critique Discouraged cause I won't be changing anything to this particlar piece, but if you have any tips or advice or things I might want to watch out for in the future, go ahead and tell me, those are fine.

Oh yes, and the inspiration from this actually came from my Gaia avatar, go figure, so it's loosely based on that.
SpookyChicken Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! :love:
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May 3, 2006
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