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Random sketch thingie for a friend. I started this back in September but didn't get around to finishing it until now. Not at all what I had originally planned on doing, which was markers, but I think it came out alright for something that was done quickly, initially that is. I'm not throwing out overlaying with markers eventually, we'll see.

Medium: Pencil
I was going for a really cutesy "manga" style so the head is a bit larger than what I would normally draw it as ^^; the feet came out kinda tiny (not on purpose, but eh) and I find her thighs to be on the larger side, but that's cause I am not a fan of stickly thin anime figures, so I try and draw it like I would my regular style. This is still my normal style I suppose, just a bit more manga/anime-ish... or something <.<;;
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i'm glad you got featured
'thumbs up'
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I really like this one! The only thing issue I see is the feet. The head looks fine.
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Yeah the feet bother me ._.
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What's wrong with the feet?... they look fine to me...

And I'm lovin' the reference to the school items there! The lunchbox is ftw!
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So sorry about the super late reply!

About the feet, maybe it's just me but I feel like they aren't in proportion with the rest of the body (too small) and the legs feel too short as well. It also appears to have a perspective problem, for me at least. I'm not too good doing perspective.
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hey no worries. :) I don't get on here often enough. >.< It's been so long since I last uploaded something... xD

I'm not that good at perspective either, so you're not alone. :D All of us perspective-challenged people should have a meeting and learn perspective. xD
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Thanks Luna! <3
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