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Sunshine and Rainbows Deck

By tiranaki
Cute, happy skateboard deck designed with young children in mind, primarily my 2 year old niece. It's missing hearts and butterflies and stars and rainbow unicorns to complete the "cute" theme but I fear that would have been overkill, though I can certainly consider that for another design.

This could also work as something other than a skateboard deck, no? Ideas as to what else to turn it into are welcome! ^_^

Medium: Completely done in vectors, Illustrator CS. The final design has textures on it, those were added in Photoshop. This is just a 2-up montage of the design with textures and without. I started this sometime between November and December 2009 but only got to finish it recently. I had it uploaded to my portfolio but had not had a chance to upload it here yet.
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that would make an ADORABLE bookmark :D it's so cute and happy!
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Thank you! I hadn't thought of a bookmark, I agree!
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These would make adorable band aides! xD
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Oh they would! That's a cool product idea.
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I don't think stars nor butterflies nor hearts would have been overkill, but this is really beautiful.
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Oh thank you Ducky :heart:

I dunno, I just don't think hearts and butterflies would have fit the theme, might have overloaded the art. Though I do have plans to make another design with those elements.
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eee! I love it! :D
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That is awesome, Naki! :D
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Thanks Pandi!
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