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Koana: Tropical Flowers by tiranaki Koana: Tropical Flowers by tiranaki
Medium: Photoshop CS/Illustrator CS
No brushes were used, all objects are custom-made.

While talking with a friend online yesterday this idea popped into my head for a t-shirt.

Just some tropical flowers and swirly things. I spent all day yesterday working on this. I started out with photos I had taken a while ago of some orchids in my backyard, I already had a hibiscus from one of my past designs and then the butterflies are from royalty-free photos; but I then had to convert all of that into usable graphics and then go and make the collage. It was the converting part that took me a while, editing out what I didn't need, etc. Near the end I realized that I had spent hours doing something I could have done in 10 minutes, but eh well.

I have NO idea how I'll ever print that out though since I don't have those colors nor even close in plastisol. Even if I do get the colors somehow (like in textile acrylics or something) I don't know how I'll do the gradient. I'm totally clueless here and don't even know where to ask for help ^^; The only thing that I could think of was laying the colors on the side instead of the top, within the screen-printing frame and squeegeeing them sideways or something.

I'm also thinking it might have to be tweaked a bit to fit into a t-shirt better, otherwise it will just be a graphic at the bottom of the shirt and I wanted it to sprawl out from the top to the bottom.

This image is watermarked, the actual printed design won't be, of course.
procrasti-backin5 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist
This is a really beautiful design!
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January 7, 2009
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