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Alone -Self-Portrait

By tiranaki
...illusion never changed... into something real, cold and alone...

Self-portrait. I've had depression on and off for a quite a number of years, but this last month it has hit me somewhat harder and I've been very frustrated and unmotivated, feeling like I'm a failure and that my life has been nothing but a waste. This is my attempt at depicting how I felt. I tried creating a drawn piece of art but it was just not the same. I don't really know if this does a good job of explaining it though.

Created: printed out, then scanned back in, messed with scanner settings and then some minor roughing up in Photoshop.
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Oh wow thank you so much! This is the first time I've ever been featured, I can't believe it XD. Wow, thanks again!
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I like the song quote, and the picture. Much love!
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I like this, you have your hair colored like that? that's cool :)
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yep! This and this are the more recent pics I have where you can kinda see it.
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You changed your avatar ^^ looks good.
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this is absolutely gorgeous
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Oh thank you!

and thank you for the fav, I was not expecting that! ^^;
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