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Vector Line tutorial

This was a request form :iconbakaxeiji:

This is how to use the Vector line effect :)

model: window 100% Deadmaster (plz don't ask for her)

stage- :iconneko-z96:
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can i have a link for this effect?
CreepyNightcoreDemon's avatar
I think I got the old version of mme is there a link to the latest version?
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I got mine from here…

there are two versions one for 64 bit mmd  and a regular one.
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you're welcome :)
CreepyNightcoreDemon's avatar
Got the effect to work finally, but the line is always behind the model. Help. QAQ
TiramisuTwo's avatar
Is it like a row of white squares?
CreepyNightcoreDemon's avatar
Ok. Tried it and it shows a white box. -_-
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in MME if you put the .FX on the effect but there are /????/ where the folder is supposed to be that means the effect isn't working because it cant read that folder you would have to rename the folder in english for the effect to read the folder 

if that makes any sense ^^;;
CreepyNightcoreDemon's avatar
That's okay. ^.^ Thanks for the tip. :D
xXWillyWonkaXx's avatar
No problem i only figured it out today upon seeing a 'Diamond Sky' video and i really wanted to learn the effect and when i saw the white boxes i realized i had to rename the folder so pass the knowledge along :heart:
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Is there a way on using line vectors and not getting a white box?? HELP PLZ ;-;
wackysarah12345's avatar
oh jeeeezz i figured it out  at first mine was a white box , i had to go to effect mapping and add line cross to the laser
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it doesnt work for me, i dowloaded the new mmd but all i still get is a white box
Kuraiyuri's avatar
Um...Am I dumb or something? When I try to change where I want the line, there's a blank box with nothing in it and it's still attached to the bottom of the model. Like the dropbox where you select which body part you want to attach the effect to, is blank...
TiramisuTwo's avatar
that's odd, do you have the latest MME?

can you post a pic of what it looks like?  It could be that the models bones aren't showing. Try setting it to Japanese mode and see if anything shows.
Kuraiyuri's avatar
I just figured it out...^^; Thanks.

I had to reinstall MME, because it was a broken version.
TiramisuTwo's avatar
Oh good, I'm glad it works for you :D

IvonneMares's avatar
Hi thanks for the tutorial *u*, and did you know how I can change the color with Photoshop 'cause I don't have I an idea how? :c
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Yes, take the image for the texture (like the .tag) and open it in Photoshop then color over it >U<
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Is it possible to change the direction the line is going?
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Yes I believe it is :) you just have to play around with the RX, Ry,Rz boxes ^_^
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when i load the effect a just a white square appears but not the line,any help?
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