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rainbow ichor thingy
Cider strode down the stone hallway of his little home, his silver-toed boots clicking on the mossy tiles. The air was cold and sharp, very unlike Cider's own mind at that moment in time. He'd only been drinking a little bit, to clear his head after the argument he'd had with Eva'an earlier, and to prepare him for the evening's work, but a glass had soon turned into a bottle, and he'd wasted another evening again without even realising.
He turned a corner and peered at the side of the corridor, where a barred cell door was set onto the stone. In the cage behind that - for it really was as painfully small as a cage- was a child, curled up against the bitter winter gust that snuck in through the cracks in the doors. The child's hair was thin and black, their skin as grey as the surrounding bricks, their hands and neck stained with black. They had their eyes shut, apparently asleep.
Cider looked down at them, pity faintly showing on his face. He hadn't meant to create the kid, nobody coul
:icontiramiq:TiramiQ 1 0
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galaxies and gashes
"Oh, Keikan! I wasn't expecting that to be you, haha, sorry..."
Issac stood by the front door of his apartment, holding the door open. On the other side of the threshold stood a rather damp Keikan in the middle of a spring shower, wearing a long sleeved shirt and cotton trousers, the ends cut slightly so they didn't get caught in her new prosthetics, special ones that were supposed to make it easier for her to get around. Her hair was soaked and she clung on to a box that was slightly too heavy for her thin arms. She just tried to blink the rainwater from her face as Issac stepped aside to let her in, helping her with the box as she flopped onto the empty sofa with a verbal poof.
"Is Jodie here?"
Issac put the box on the coffee table and eyed Keikan curiously. "She should be home literally any minute now, the thing she and Jimmy went to finished at seven."
"Is it alright if I wait here for her? I... Uh..." She didn't know how to phrase the next part. "Made her a thing. Lots of things."
:icontiramiq:TiramiQ 1 1


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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
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henlo my friends,

i'm a 17 year old art student and author with a mission to make the world better through memes, art, and edgy characters.

i draw and write original characters and stories, if a character i draw is not owned by me then i specify that in the description.

i'm a panromantic asexual demiboy, so if you disagree with LGBT+ stuff then please remove yourself from this page because you're not welcome here, thanks.

read my fantasy serial, Adomania, here:…

[don't give me critiques or i'll block you]

My Special Interest Is Space [AUTISTIC ONLY] by TiramiQ My Special Interest Is WTNV [AUTISTIC ONLY] by TiramiQ


Character Commission
Character drawing, done in Paint Tool SAI. You receive a high quality PNG and a JPG.

Line Art: £5/$6.50 for headshot           
               £6/$8 for half body shot     
               £7.50/$10 for full body shot

                    +£1.50/$2 per character added to the scene

Flat colour: £7.50/$10 for headshot 
                 £8.50/$11 for half body shot
                 £10/$13 for full body shot

                    +£2.50/$3.25 per character added to the scene

Shaded: £8.75/$11.40 for headshot
             £9.75/$13 for half body shot
             £11.25/$14.70 for full body shot

                    +£3.75/$5 per character added to the scene

+Simple background: £1/$1.30

+Detailed background: £3/$4



I have the right to turn away a commission request for any reason without disclosing the reason.

For commissions that cost £7.50/$10 or under, you can pay after the full piece is finished.
For commissions that cost over £7.50/$10, you must pay half the cost before and half after.

I will not refund unless  ~ You only bought a headshot [any type]
                                   ~ I made a large mistake in the drawing [i.e wrong pose, perspective etc]

If you don't have a paypal, I'm willing to charge you in points.


Please note me if you're not sure whether your character is something I will draw.
i'm rewriting old stories because fuck yes

oliver is now renamed to olivier because i don't like my brother anymore

tristen is now 3x gayer and will flirt with everyone, this is why his nose is broken

mourir? a Thot

markie? bringing that boy BACK but with pink hair now because jimmy stole the spot in the spectrum for neon red hair

xavik? unfortunately shall be more relevant

emerald eyes? haha nobody remembers that but felix and hisser shall be back!!!

nobody cares tho java


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1 / 100
all donations will go towards the "make java more gay than he already is" foundation, and are sincerely appreciated.

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mesemoa's new single????? y u  m
wait in the shadows for me
The sound of singing filled Jimmy's ears and he listened in wonder, looking around him and yet trying to hide as best he could. A flurry of shadow filled the air, and his pendant started to glow brighter, and brighter, until it was lighting up the entire alley. It chilled him to his spine, it froze every nerve in his body and yet it felt so good, so soothing and calm. So very calm...

here is jimmy uwu
guess who' learning how to fuckin draw, it me it def me

this took fucking ages and jimmy is a prat

jimmy ifearnán belongs to me
ik it's not that much different but i'm trying things out okay forgive me
more to come uwu

keikan fate belongs to me 



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