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#282: Gardevoir
The Embrace Pokemon

Height: 5-5.5 ft

Weight: 100-110 lbs

Sound: Sometimes they sound like they're singing. Most of the time they won't make a sound, their lungs aren't very big. Other times, they'll make an attempt at what SOUNDS like human speech. This is important, because this is your Gardevoir actually trying to communicate with you. And granted, it doesn't do this very often unless it has to because for the most part, it lets its trainer do the talking.

If they've lived with you for almost all their lives, chances are they'll learn to REALLY speak. Providing the large capacities for their brains, this is easier for them to accomplish than you'd think. But it all depends on WHO that Gardevoir is as an individual to determine how much noise it makes in its daily life.

Gender: 50% male, 50% female. They're also in the Amorphous Egg group.

You're already confused aren't you? Well, I'll discuss everything in the Gender and Egg group segment below. Worry not my friends, because your Gardevoir is NOT an amorphous blob. But it finds it much easier to mate with one.

HP: 68
Attack: 65
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 125
Sp. Defense: 115
Speed: 80
Total: 518

HP: 68
Attack: 85
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 165
Sp. Defense: 135
Speed: 100
Total: 618

Effective moves against them:
Dragon (0x)
Fighting (1/4x)
Psychic (1/2x)
Ghost (2x), Poison (2x), Steel (2x)

Location: Try finding a Ralts instead. It's darn impossible to find Gardevoir in the wild, since they seldom get that far in life. Most of their species mate as soon as they become Kirlia, knowing it's hard to survive in the wild until complete adulthood. 

So for Ralts, try Route 102 in Hoenn, Route 34 in Johto, Route 203, 204, 208, 209, or 212 in Sinnoh, the White Forest in Unova, and Route 4 in Kalos. Remember, the trick for finding a Ralts in the wild is to have a positive demeanor. A joyful demeanor which tells the Ralts that you'd like to be its friend. It is WAY less likely to approach you if you strain yourself trying to find it with the sole intention of using it as a battle tool.

If finding a Ralts isn't working out, try a Kirlia. Route 203, 204, 209 and 212 in Sinnoh, and the Friend Safari in Kalos.

Good luck trying to find these relatively rare Pokemon! Take night vision goggles and pack a dozen lunches just in case!

( A ) General: Sweet heavens above, this is going to be a mind numbingly long report, isn't it?

Gardevoir is one very, very, VERY popular Pokemon for trainers, coordinators, breeders, gym leaders, musical performers, stylists, airline stewardesses...the message to be had here is that people absolutely love this Pokemon. They're powerful, graceful, beautiful, intelligent, and loyal to their trainers to the very end. So many good and desirable qualities in a Pokemon that people want in a Pokemon!


There are so many questions that I get asked about this Pokemon, and it's impossible to answer them one at a time since there are always more questions to be had! People are so confused when it comes to this Pokemon! Yet so many trainers want one it isn't funny!

Well, no more! If any one of you would like to have a Gardevoir, this is my gift to you. Your very own comprehensive guide on what they are, how they live, how they evolve, and why they're in the Amorphous egg group. You'll be surprised at how much there is to learn from these Pokemon.

( B ) Evolution: They first begin their lives as a Ralts. In the beginning of their lives, Ralts have appendages on their heads which are receptive of the nervous and electrical activity of the brains of others around them. Most often, Ralts focus on the emotions and general disposition of another to figure out how approachable they are. Because their physiology actually hampers their abilities to use their five basic senses (i.e. eyes covered by hair, poor sense of smell, sensitive skin has to be shielded by clothes and thick fur) they greatly rely on the horns on their head instead. If they see a creature as feeling hungry, and having a hostile disposition, it knows it's seeing a predator, and stays clear away from it. In the meanwhile, if the said creature is feeling joyful, and generally seems to have a kindhearted disposition, it will go towards that person knowing it would rather have fun or help it rather than harm it. When they do find something or someone with that kind of disposition, they'll stick with it for the rest of their childhood, growing up alongside it. In the meanwhile, they hide until that kind of individual shows up.

(NOTE: Ralts are NOT endangered. Their numbers in the wild are relatively healthy. But the reason why they're rare, and not uncommon, is because as said before, they stay out of the way of people. Especially adults, since our bigger and more mature perception of life doesn't exactly appeal to their sense of innocence. Which is why the people who are most likely to find Ralts are children.)

Then they evolve into Kirlia, where their bond with their companions grow as it does. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume from now on that this companion is a trainer, and that trainer is you. It has realized in childhood that you're not a threat. Then it knows that you're friendly. Now, it knows that you're not just it's friend. You're it's companion. You've spent all this time and effort to let it grow bigger and stronger that it grows a close PERSONAL connection with you. It gets close to you to the point where whenever you feel happy, so does it. As this happens, its physical state of being is also depending on its emotions. If a Kirlia is feeling very happy, then its own biological systems will run with extra vigor, and keep it alive and healthy. A very depressed Kirlia experiences biological slow-downs, such as their nervous systems slowing down, retarding their organs' ability to function. Their endocrine systems slow down, stunting its growth and making them unable to get nutrients from food. Their blood pressure even lowers, and Kirlia who've crossed the Despair Even Horizon actually die from cardiac arrest solely by losing the will to live. In other words, it lives and functions biologically when it feels like it. I don't know another creature in the WORLD whose biological capacities depend so much on its emotions. And as its emotional capacities develop, so do its powers. Its powers grow intense to the point where they can refract light in their direct area to create mirages, and images of nonexistent, psychedelic scenery. It can also predict the future in incredibly accurate ways, by allowing it to create a ripple in space which will allow it to see the sun's movement. From there, it can predict when and how just about anything will happen, just like Xatu can.

And if you decide to take it even further, and evolve the Kirlia into a's no longer your friend. Nor your companion. It's not even your Pokemon. No. Gardevoir becomes your SOUL MATE. To get it to this stage in its life is a long and hard process that requires a lot of effort, love and affection towards your Ralts and Kirlia. Now that it's a Gardevoir, it's not longer quite as receptive to the emotions of others, nor is its body so affected by its own emotions. Its body no longer needs that feature. Because it's decided that you are the person who made its life complete. Its powers are much like that of a Kirlia, but it reaches an all time peak. It can see the possible future on a very regular basis. It can use its psychokinetic field to levitate off the earth, never having to touch it again. And when the worst comes, and an absolutely unstoppable foe is at hand, Gardevoir will transport their friends and trainer away from the area and prepare for the ultimate sacrifice. They use an absolutely ridiculous amount of Psychic energy which compresses the space in front of them so much that it collapses into a singularity which forms a temporary black hole. This black hole will eat EVERYTHING in the area, including the one who casted it. Because it knows that if there are no options left, then it can make sure that this particular enemy will never go after you again. That's right. At this point, your Gardevoir will create a black hole for you if it meant you get to live another day. 

Gardevoir is the strongest this line can be. And this is a feat that very few Ralts can achieve by themselves. Most if not all of them become Gardevoir because they've met someone special, and they want to give something back for all the effort put into evolving it.

( C ) Anatomy: After having evolved into Gardevoir, many things in their anatomy change drastically.

After having evolved from Kirlia, their five senses are now completely useful, being able to perceive the world without hindrnace from their own physiology. And their nervous systems grow exponentially, having more adornments on it than before. The greatest concentration of these adornments isn't near their heads, which give them the ability to sense emotions. It's near their heart, which are housed in a single, blade-like organ which is structured to amplify psychokinetic energy. This is kept working constantly with a fresh supply of blood, to ensure that its powers are always active no matter what. Giving it a high Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense stat.

This helps keep the Gardevoir alive and healthy, because its body has grown so used to using Psychic powers that its muscles and skeletal structure atrophy. Most Gardevoir can't support their own weight with their feet, so they simply have a constant field of psychic energy around them which keeps them off the ground. This can also make objects levitate, ensuring that they don't have to strain their weakened muscles. This grants a low HP, Attack, and Defense Stat.

Gardevoir are covered in a silky, white skin and light "fur" which covers the whole of their bodies. This layer of fur helps to protect their skin, which has become more sensitive as it evolves. A relatively large part of that fur drapes over its legs. While it's still a Ralts, this just appears as a shaggy fur coat covering its legs. But after evolving, it lifts away from the skin with the help of Psychic powers, granting it the appearance of a skirt. By the time it evolves into Gardevoir, the furs that make up its skirt sew themselves up to resemble an actual fabric. And it can trim this skirt off so that it becomes a removable fabric. Not to say the Gardevoir family doesn't also create garments out of simple materials like leaves or plants, using their own special technique to sew them up into another, equally silky material to use as a shirt. Believe it or not, their defense stat would be a lot lower without wearing these homemade clothes.

(NOTE: Gardevoir tend to vary wildly in appearance. I'm just telling you how their bodies usually work, because their anatomy AND demeanor can change if its father was a different Pokemon in the Amorphous Egg Group. I.e. a Gardevoir with a Dusknoir for a father might by more Dusknoir-ish in personality, and be physically strong enough to walk on its own two feet.)

( D ) Abilities and Powers: Like many Psychic-type Pokemon, they can utilize psychokinetic energy. As you may have learned before, this energy is essentially mass-produced nervous signals in its body which are amplified, and projected outside of its body to produce direct changes around it without making direct contact. This can allow it to do a lot of different things, such as defy the pull of gravity, shut off an opponent's nervous system against its will (Hypnosis), create a temporary Einstein-Rosen Bridge (aka a wormhole) to access another area (Teleport), see the future by observing the movements of the sun and stars (Future Sight), or use the nervous signals of other Pokemon to re-stimulate its own nervous systems when it's in a state of REM sleep (Dream Eater).

Another very prominent use of psychic energy is to use it to produce moves of other Types. ESPECIALLY Electric-type moves, since it's very close in physical nature to a Psychic-type move.

Gardevoir also possesses the kind of unique energy wavelength known as the "Fairy Force". Having a rather slow moving wavelength, it's classified as its own kind of energy because it has the unique ability to disrupt overly active nervous systems. This interrupts those of the Dark-type, preventing them from producing negative energy to shield their atoms from changes in energy states. This interrupts those of the Dragon-type, preventing them from burning the massive amount of energy needed to initiate Dragon-type attacks. And it interrupts those of the Fighting-type, preventing them from being able to stimulate their muscles to the point of being able to attack. The abilities of three types of Pokemon will become hampered if they find themselves being hit with the Fairy Force. In the case of Gardevoir, their only weaknesses remaining are:
- Ghost, because spiritual energy disrupts ALL aspects of its nervous systems.
- Steel, because their bodies are weak towards resisting physical blows from materials as strong as metal.
- Poison, because their bodies have poor immune systems, rendering them vulnerable to being poisoned.

(NOTE: This doesn't affect Psychic-types as badly because only their minds are overstimulated. Their bodies are relatively slow to function, unlike members of these types. However, it is important to note that it's ALMOST super effective on Psychic-types, but not quite there.)

(NOTE: The Fairy Force wasn't known until recently because it was a power that slowly developed in Fairy Type Pokemon as generations advanced. Pokemon who had it observed unique powers, but at the time, it wasn't developed enough to actually be super effective against anything. In later generations, the Fairy Force became developed enough to become a part of its typing, and a fully described set of weaknesses and strengths. This is why nowadays, Gardevoir who are recently registered are classified as Psychic/Fairy types.)

(FUN FACT: Did you know that Gardevoir were once related to the group of Pokemon known as Psychohominids? This is the class of Psychic-type Pokemon that are human-like, since they share many anatomical similarities to human beings. I.e. Jynx, Mr. Mime, Medicham, Alakazam, Gothitelle. However, Gardevoir in particular have become a separate species millions of years ago when their reproductive cells became simpler than those of Human-like Pokemon. Why that would even happen is a question that probably might not have a definite answer....all we do know for certain is that the same time that this happened, the differences between male and female started to diminish until Gardevoir of both sexes practically look alike to each other.)

( E ) Behavior/Disposition: Well, that all kind of depends on circumstances.

For the most part, Ralts and Kirlia don't grow up alone. While they stay under their parent's care for some time, they do have to go to live without their parents eventually, to allow the mother and father of the baby to keep procreating. So, these youngsters often go out to find a symbiotic partner they can spend the rest of their days with. Ralts are very good at keeping out of the way of predators, so they find company in another Ralts, or a herbivorous Pokemon who doesn't mind having them around. And nowadays, they find that partner in human beings who want to meet them.

And they've stuck with that companion for a while. Raised by them, grown up with them, got stronger with them. Now is the time when they are most attached to that partner. 

Let's assume that partner is you. You will notice that your Gardevoir is VERY attached to you. It has spent so much time being raised by you, and being kept happy by you that it's decided that it wants to spend the rest of its days being your very own guardian angel. Following you wherever you go, even if you decided to suddenly become a member of Team Plasma or Team Flare. 

Clingy? Yes. But emotionally unstable and dependent on other people's emotions? And innocent? Far from it. 

It was innocent when it was a Ralts. And it went near you because you had a personality which appealed to its innocent perception of the world. But they experience things, just like you and I. They can and do learn that the world isn't always a nice place, and can be chock full of horrible, twisted, evil people as well as benevolent ones like yourself. Even wild ones learn this as they grow up with their companion Pokemon, becoming more familiar of the world and its natural dangers and predators.

So, this is why they've developed a "White Knight" kind of personality. Since you've done your share shielding it from the dangers of the world, it sees its adulthood as its chance to protect you from the world's dangers, no matter what. They won't pretend to be innocent anymore. But they will be the best guardians a person can ask for. For you, and your friends and Pokemon. It knows that now, its life has a definite purpose, and a definite future.

This can make them somewhat difficult to work with when you socialize with a lot of people. For example, they can become jealous if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you associate with very often. Or they can be come leery eyed at people who come off as untrustworthy, like certain salesmen or executives. For other people, they'll make no secret of it if they have hostile feelings towards them. 

While they may seem to be overtly doting and cherishing at first, they'll definitely level off once they see what kind of lifestyle you prefer to lead. They definitely won't do anything that you hate, because in the end, all they want is the best for you.

(NOTE: Like humans, Gardevoir have a very variable personalities and natures. Some of them can be quiet. Others can be noisy in a Genki-Girl/Guy kind of way. Some are modest, and protect their trainers since they believe that's how things should be. Others can be pretty snarky at times. But very rarely do their personalities take over their duties to be there for their trainers.)

( F ) Gender and Egg Group: This main section's purpose is to clear up controversies surrounding their egg group and visible lack of many notable gender differences. Many people ask "Why are they equally male and female when they have a tendency to look like women", and "Why are they not in the Human-like egg group, when their anatomy allows them to be in it? How come they're in the same group as say, Slugma, or Stunfisk?" 

It's quite a strange phenomena actually, and somewhat unconventional. But here's how it works. 

Males have gametes which are only superficially similar to spermatozoa cells, while females possess something that resembles an ovum. The reason why I don't just outright call it a sperm cell or an egg cell is because the anatomy of both cells are too impossibly simplistic and similar to each other to be considered as them. The "pseudo-spermatozoa" and "pseudo-ovum" are almost the same size (bigger than a regular sperm cell but smaller than a regular egg cell), and have few differences from each other. They carry an equal amount of genetic data. Males simply carry a Y chromosome with them as well as an X chromosome. Not many of the pseudo-spermatozoa cells are produced, and the female's pseudo-ovum are still stationary, present in the uterus once at a time, and considerably easier to permeate. But like any other organism that depends on internal fertilization, the pseudo-spermatozoa still die off once one of them fuses with a pseudo-ovum.  

This is where it's at its Amorphous stage; its body is most likely to change as a fetus in accordance to the DNA passed down by their parents. Gardevoir have even more genetic diversity than humans, or Human-Like egg group Pokemon considering that not only do they inherit phenotypes, but powers as well, and as a fetus, undergoes slight changes in anatomy to be able to use those powers. This creates a MUCH thinner line between Amorphous and Human-like Pokemon.

(FUN FACT: Did you know that due to the nature of their gamete combination method, Gardevoirs are one of the most likely species to pass down a phenotype for the "Shiny" coloration, an alternative coloration that a Pokemon may receive on some/all parts of their anatomy?)

In the meanwhile, male Gardevoir need only a select group of appendages and muscles in in their pelvic region to allow them to deposit their own gametes, which require only very minimal changes from the Y chromosome in their anatomy. This is perhaps why almost all Gardevoir would appear at least somewhat feminine at first glance: there's a thin biological line between male and female Gardevoir, so males don't need such major changes.

Evidence does indeed show that they were once a part of the Human-like Egg group. But gradual evolution and changes in their reproductive anatomy have made their gametes similar to each other, to the point where many biological lines separating female from male were erased. The reason why they're in the Amorphous Egg Group to begin with is because their reproductive anatomy has become TOO simple and alike each other to reproduce with something in the Human-like Egg Group. Only a member of the Amorphous egg-group can provide gametes that are any similar to those of Gardevoir. Thus, Gardevoir would have better luck reproducing with a Stunfisk, Gastrodon, or an Eelektross than a Machamp or an Alakazam. 

And Ghost type Pokemon...? Um...UM....methinks that during the process of "mating" with a Ghost-Type Pokemon, here's what I THINK happens. When the Gardevoir in question is female, the Ghost-type mate can activate a hormone which causes some kind of process of parthenogenesis to occur in females. Giving birth to a Ralts which highly resembles the mother, with a few personality and physical qualities of the male Ghost-type Pokemon. If the Gardevoir in question is male, it will pass on no gametes, but rather bits of its own spiritual energy to the female Ghost-type Pokemon. Producing a Ghost-type offspring with personality and physical qualities of the Gardevoir. 

Please don't make me explain it more, I got migraines trying to think of how that's even possible....

(NOTE: Gardevoir have no known mating rituals of any kind. Almost all deciding factors of who gets to mate with whom are based on emotional attachment. Even if the Gardevoir's said mate is nearsighted, crippled, or has a mutation, it will still reproduce with that said mate, even if the genes passed down won't help the continued survival of the species. They mate purely because they love each other. Or at least, like each other to some extent.)

( G ) About Gallade: Every time I teach anyone about Gardevoir, Gallade is usually the next subject they ask from me. I've already said that the differences between male and female Gardevoir are very minimal, so how do any of them become Gallade?

WELL, here's how it works. The Dawn Stone is a kind of evolutionary stone which is often found above the ground rather than under it, and radiates minute amounts of energy that are carried over when exposed to sunlight. These particular stones only work on two species since they all have some kind of small, electrically conductive field around them. Kirlia with its Psychic powers, and Snorunt with the magnetic charges in its impure ice which allows it to float after evolving. 

For Gardevoir, the Dawn Stone seems to have just the right effect on male specimens. Since males have a slightly stronger pseudo-electric field than the females, they're the ones to undergo the change. Exposure to the Dawn Stone's energy causes that field to strengthen, to the point where the Kirlia's own nervous systems get damaged. So that their flucuating fields don't cause any further harm to their body, their body activates a growth hormone which causes their bones and muscles to grow and strengthen. Allowing the Kirlia's body to resist its own field.

The Kirlia's skeletal structure undergoes significant changes. Its arm bones elongate, as does their pelvic bones. A crest also grows on top of its head. Its muscles also bulk up, allowing the Gallade to stand and move freely on its own without depending on any Psychic powers. Albeit the damage done to its nervous system's psychokinetic adornments is irreperable.

This causes its aptitude for special attacks in general to be permanently stunted. But their body allows for a stronger aptitude towards Physical Attack power. What's left of their field works effectively as a repellent for Special Attacks, dampening their effect on it. This makes it have a good Sp. Defense stat as well.

Lastly of all, Gallade's demeanor changes.

Like Gardevoir, it no longer becomes as dependent or attached to other people's emotions. But unlike Gardevoir, it doesn't set aside everything to defend one person. It seems to recognize that there is a greater good to be had. They have less emotional attachments so they can fight on for the people they do feel are worth fighting for. In a sense, this makes them courteous and loyal, but not loyal to the very end of their lives like a Gardevoir would be.

( H ) Mega Evolution: They are one of the only 26 known Pokemon able to Mega-Evolve. So, to instigate the Mega-Evolution, you need the Mega Stone Gardevoirite. A stone well distinguished by its pink-and-green pattern.

Once using the Mega-Stone on it, admittedly there aren't a lot of physical changes. Its bones and muscles do grow, which gives it a SLIGHTLY higher Attack power. But the real change comes in their nervous systems.

We can't see it from outside, but their nervous systems grow exponentially in size. Our only clue that this is happening is the addition of another chest-blade organ, both of which grow WAY bigger than usual. Even more blood than usual rushes to these two organs, giving them enough blood to exercise immense powers in battle! These organs and their grown nervous systems boost their Sp. Attack stat from 125 to a whopping 165! Their Sp. Defense stat also makes a jump, from 115 to 135. So much psychic power that their entire bodies practically defy gravity.

To top it all off, their new ability is Pixilate. This makes every Normal-type move in their movepool a Fairy-type once it's executed, mostly because the energy they give off is not only the high-intensity psychokinetic, but also the same wavelength as the "Fairy Force" that Fairy-types possess. No matter what Normal-type move it is, Return, Hyper Beam, Hidden will always carry over the Fairy-type energy, instantly making it a Fairy-type move. 

When Mega-evolution stops, the extra cells making up their Mega-Evolved nervous systems and extra-blade organ die, and simply fall off its body. While Mega-evolution for any Pokemon is short lived, Gardevoir displays some of the greatest efforts a  Mega-Evolution can exert, mostly because of how dedicated it is to its trainer at this point.

( I ) Relationship with Humans: These answer questions and conundrums that weren't already answered in the "Behavior" segment.

Gardevoir have been one of humanity's all time best friends. At least after we met. Believe it or not, human interactions with Gardevoir in the past were very scarce. So scarce, in fact, that when we first met, we thought of them as little more than mythical creatures! From all ages, Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity, all the way up to the Medieval Middle Ages, humans thought that they were elves, faerie folk which lived in their own Kingdom of Fey-kind, or the spirits of the woods. Only little children or some country-side peasants ever saw them back then, because they were able to appeal to Ralts' childhood innocence. The whole Ralts line of Pokemon was kept in obscurity for a long time. In the meanwhile, people had more concern on how to make a living, supporting their growing societies in a world dominated by Pokemon much stronger and smarter than they are.

As our societies and technology advanced, so did encounters between humans and the Ralts line. Albeit they were still a very obscure species of Pokemon until our societies became modernized. When the Pokeball was invented, and training Pokemon became a breeze. And then, in modern times, we started sending out trainers at young ages. 

Ralts became a confirmed species of Pokemon. And then, it became a POPULAR species of Pokemon. People had never seen such a beautiful and loyal Pokemon before! It was at that time that the whole line, especially Gardevoir, started making themselves a part of of human life.

Not only do they battle as Pokemon. But they also work as nurses and doctors. They become loyal bodyguards for the rich. As Ralts, they're adopted as surrogate children if they show a fast developing intelligence. They become modern artists, using their Psychic powers and photography to create different kinds of visual effects. But this is just the tip of the iceberg...


Pokephilia is a controversial phenomenon that happen when a human and a Pokemon have romantic or sexual relationship with one another. Because most Pokemon are animal-like in nature, you don't hear about this too often. 

But it does happen. Far more often than you'd think. Pokemon become intelligent and bond enough with their trainers to love them in a romantic manner. In some cases, they spend the rest of their lives together, as a kind of "married couple". This can happen involving just about any kind of Pokemon, whether it's something as human-like as Jynx or Medicham, or as physically far away from a human being as a Scolipede, or Jellicent!

And in whatever case, about 29% of all recorded cases of Pokephilia involve Gardevoir. Mostly by trainers whose bonds with their Gardevoir are so strong that they love each other romantically.

Why is this controversial? And why am I even talking about this subject? Why, because Gardevoir is also one of the most abused Pokemon on the planet Earth

People don't like to talk about the prospect of humans and Gardevoir marrying because of the frightening recorded numbers of instances where humans got arrested for taking advantage of a Gardevoir's bond with him/her. Where people have used Gardevoir's love for them to make them do horrible things, or to make them subject to horrible things. I will not mention what those things are. But I will say that it will ruin the Gardevoir's life every time. Every time, it ends with the Gardevoir being taken to a psychological ward, to help it recover from bare-faced betrayal.

It's very common for a Gardevoir to fall in love with their own trainer. But not everyone knows how to deal with this kind of prospect! Most people see it questionable at best, to plain old unacceptable at worst, to be in love with a living creature seen as socially below human kind. People who think this way subject Gardevoir to horrible things because they do believe that Gardevoir are Pokemon, and subsequently, below humans.

I'm writing this because of how often this happens, and to tell you that if there ever IS an instance where your Gardevoir starts to love you...thinking it's below you is not the right way to think. Sure, it's a Pokemon. Sure, we send them out to battle. Sure, we oftentimes don't know what to make of such unconditional love coming from a Pokemon.'s not always socially acceptable to requite those feelings for a Pokemon. But in the Trainer Tips section, I want you to read it very carefully. So you WILL know what to make of it when that does happen.

Trainer Tips:
- To find a Ralts or a Kirlia, YOU MUST FIRST BE APPROACHABLE. If you're cheerful, high-spirited, or even just searching for a new friend, either one of the two are very likely to find you before you find it. 
- WHEN MEETING ANY MEMBER OF THE RALTS LINE FOR THE FIRST TIME, ALWAYS BOW WITH BOTH HANDS IN PLAIN SIGHT. This shows them that you can be trusted and have no hostile intent. In the case of Ralts, it shows that you have no intention of hurting it. In the case of Gardevoir, it's both this, and good manners. 
- MEMBERS OF THE RALTS LINE ARE VERY VARIABLE IN PERSONALITY. Get to know it as a Ralts before you train it. And then figure out how to pace your training with it!
- RAISING A RALTS/KIRLIA IS ALMOST LIKE RAISING A CHILD. You have to feed it good food, teach it proper manners, assist it when trying to socialize with other people, and keep them happy. Also allow them to be active, because they'll hate feeling confined. Even if you don't plant to battle with it, at least let it dance, or something.
- MALE GARDEVOIR DON'T ACT MANLY. THEY DON'T NEED TO BE MANLY. DON'T MAKE THEM ACT MANLY JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE MALE. If there's anything that makes me roll my eyes, it's the fact that people get irked when they find out their Gardevoir's a guy. COME ON. They're only that way because of biological evolution, and they no longer see the point in maintaining a masculinity their species obviously doesn't need! Stop caring what gender it is, and just be happy that you HAVE one! Sheesh, it's embarrassing how often this happens. 
GARDEVOIR ARE OMNIVORES, AND CAN EAT MOST HUMAN FOODS, BUT AVOID BANANAS AND TROPIUS FRUIT. Gardevoir have trouble digesting large amounts of potassium. I'm not sure why, but food of that sorts gives them stomach problems. Luckily for you, they'll be able to distinguish these types of food preemptively. 
GARDEVOIR ARE HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, AND AS SUCH BECOME BORED EASILY. Give them things to do with that big brain of theirs. Many Gardevoir enjoy a good book or a game of chess.
- When it becomes a Gardevoir, it will be self sufficient, but clingy towards you. GARDEVOIR WILL NOT STAND FOR BEING CONSTANTLY KEPT IN STORAGE. Sure, it won't complain about being in a Pokeball. But if you separate itself from you by simply sticking it in there, without telling it why, then you're asking for one very panicked and troubled Gardevoir. When I say it wants to stick by your side, I MEAN IT WANTS TO STICK BY YOUR SIDE! At least let it do that!
- DON'T YOU DARE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR GARDEVOIR'S KINDNESS, Y'HEAR?!?! Gardevoir are amazingly devoted to their trainers after evolution. That still doesn't mean that they won't feel any kind of pain or suffering if you suddenly get the bright idea to become abusive. The Gardevoir itself might not fight back due to still having feelings for you, but Officer Jenny will happily bash your head in with a Gurdurr's steel beam if it meant ending that abuse.
- GARDEVOIR MAY NOT OBJECT TO BEING TREATED LIKE A POKEMON. BUT AT LEAST, GIVE IT SOME BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. Let it eat with plates and silverware instead of with a dog bowl. Let it sleep on a bed instead of inside the Pokeball. If it doesn't know how to make clothes, just get it some clothes instead of making it wear rags. Let it have fun. It won't object to being your Pokemon, but they do become weary of life if they're DELIBERATELY treated as subhuman. I.e. a sign that you feel its devotion to you isn't a gift, but an obligation as a Pokemon master. You'd have to be a real jerk to actively treat your Pokemon that way.
- GARDEVOIR CAN SOMETIMES BECOME JEALOUS OR LEERY OF OTHER PEOPLE. SET SOME GROUND RULES. Tell it what behavior is good in public. Introduce it to people you know and love, and tell it what you do for a living. Tell it which people you don't need any defense from. It can detect people who have bad intentions with you, but for the sake of public relations, tell it which people not to mind. At least, ask your Gardevoir not to be so mindful if you find yourself spending time with certain people.
RELEASING, TRADING, OR OTHERWISE GETTING RID OF A LONGTIME TEAM MEMBER IS LIKELY TO CAUSE THEM SIGNIFICANT STRESS. They will readily make friends with other Pokemon without any intervention from you, and getting rid of someone they consider a close friend without a very good reason will be considered thoughtless at best and a minor betrayal at worst, much like a human child. This also extends to pets! They will likely love your cat or dog just as much as you, so if you have to give it up or put it down, your Gardevoir WILL be just as upset as you are.
BE AWARE THAT THIS DOES NOT CHANGE IF YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANT OTHERThey will not want to leave your side or see their teammates sent off, because you now have a husband or wife and want alone time. Many families have had their 'white lady' happily become a maid and/or adopted 'aunt'. Remember - she looks like a human, but she is still not a human. She does not think the same way or automatically want to be the only female in your life. Even if he/she IS your significant other, they will still not necessarily want to get rid of their their old friends! SUDDENLY ANNOUNCING TO YOUR GARDEVOIR THAT YOU'VE DECIDED TO RETIRE THE TEAM AND SEND EVERYONE ELSE OFF IS CONSIDERED A MAJOR BETRAYAL OF TRUST AND WILL RESULT IN AN EMOTIONAL MELT-DOWN NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE. mindful of your decisions. Trust is easy to break, but hard to repair in cases like these.
FULLY EVOLVED GARDEVOIRS PARTNERED WITH YOUNG TRAINERS MAY TRY TO CONTROL THEM. Specifically their minds and decision making processes. Besides their human-like maternal instincts, they can quickly determine that their new trainer is hopelessly inexperienced, and will do anything from subtly 'ring their warning bells' when they're about to try and capture a wild Tauros, to more active mental influences so they spend their allowance on food instead of on comic books.
- THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING. Besides benefiting young trainers in general, one trick for parents whose child is insisting on becoming a Pokemon legend instead of continuing their schooling is to let them go with a Gardevoir discreetly following behind. When the inevitable disaster occurs (running out of food, caught in a rainstorm, etc.) she will promptly 'happen' to find them and teleport the grateful child home.
IF YOUR GARDEVOIR COMES TO YOU WITH AN EMOTIONAL/MENTAL NEED, HELP THEM IMMEDIATELY. This really should go without saying, but many trainers still somehow miss the fact that to a fair degree that they live or die based on how they feel. If your Gardevoir comes to you for a little time alone or a vacation from battling, give it to them, and reschedule the battle you had planned, or enter the tournament the next time around. If they ask you how you feel about them, don't try to put off answering because you're nervous. And if they're especially happy about something, celebrate with them even if you've had the worst day of your life. Trust may sound demanding, but it's all worth it in the end. 

And because Humans and Gardevoir tend to develop very strong feelings for each other, romantic, platonic, or familial, here's tips pertaining to that!

Relationship Tips:
BEING A POKEMON TRAINER ALWAYS TAKES COMMITMENT. BUT BEING A GARDEVOIR TRAINER MAY TAKE MUCH MORE. If yours keeps trying to take you somewhere or just happen to keep catching you while you're alone, schedule some free time, tell him or her to speak freely...and brace yourself.
If you have a Gardevoir of the opposite sex who has "grown up" with you - by which I mean has gone through ALL evolutions (Ralts--->Kirlia--->Gardevoir) while traveling with you on a consistent basis AND assuming you've treated him/her appropriately - HE OR SHE IS BASICALLY GUARANTEED TO HAVE ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR YOU. This is aspect of thier psychology is literally 'built in' to members of the Gardevior line.
EVEN THE SHYEST GARDEVOIR IMAGINABLE, WILL AT SOME POINT, MAKE AN OUTRIGHT PROFESSION OF LOVE TO YOUR FACE IF SUCH FEELINGS EXIST. And you must be prepared for that moment. This will be either to test your response or if it feels you've been oblivious to less obvious hints until that point. More than a few trainers have been blindsighted, with anything from a simple "Do you love me?" to having images of marriage and family psychically shown to them on the spot. PLEASE, DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR GARDEVOIR IS SO DESPERATE THAT IT DOES THIS. By that point it will have been agonizing for months if you do or don't like it, and getting up courage to pop the big question.
- If you ever do find that your Gardevoir is starting to fall for you, here's what you do. YOU CAN EITHER REJECT IT, BUT DO IT SWIFTLY. AND DO IT SOON. Just say, no thanks, but thanks. Tell it that you don't mean any harm or malice towards it, but you're simply not ready for that kind of relationship with it. It will still have some pains that go along with it, but it can recover quicker from this than if you pretend to "love" it without having any real feelings for it.
 - Alternatively, YOU CAN PROFESS YOUR LOVE FOR IT. And if people you know start to object to it, you simply have to tell them..."My Gardevoir loves me.  And I love my Gardevoir. I'm sorry, but that will not change You do not have the ability or authority to make that change." You do have to understand, HAVING A GARDEVOIR FOR A LOVER DOES TAKE COMMITMENT. But it is very much eased by the fact that it's more than willing to work to support both sides of the relationship.
IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GARDEVOIR, KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY EXPRESS YOUR AFFECTION. One good way is to dance with them. That's a given for most of them, but they'll happily share with you their personal interests, favorite activities, and are generally lenient to you so long as you make an effort. EFFORT is the key word here! 
START WITH SMALL THINGS, LIKE PROMISES TO TAKE HER/HIM TO A CALM PLACE TO MEDITATE, AND BE CONSISTENT. As in never ever be late. They will know if you're making excuses.
- If/When they want to 'tell you something' - take the time to listen. IMMEDIATELY.
- GARDEVOIRS WHO HAVE HAD BAD OR TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES IN THE PAST MAY HAVE BAD DREAMS. If they wake you up because they're sleeping nearby and are having a bad dream (the medical term is 'sympathetic nightmares') get your buns out of bed, go to their side, gently place your hands on their hands or head - NOT THEIR CHEST HORN - and think calming thoughts. Those are secondary psionic contact points that essentially let them 'hear' your reassurance without risking the greater backlash. Trust me...touching the secondary points as opposed to the chest horn can be roughly compared to licking a nine-volt battery versus sticking your finger in a light socket.
DON'T SNEAK UP ON GARDEVOIR. Not even as an innocent joke; their trust will have been shattered already. If you're lucky, they'll sense you coming anyway and not appreciate the attempt. If you're NOT lucky and actually do surprise them, expect anything from sending them into a screaming panic attack to being thrown halfway across the room or psionically stunned out of reflex. So...DON'T DO IT.
- For a Gardevoir troubled with past conflicts, consider professional counseling from the beginning, or at the very least have a dedicated counselor you consult with regularly. BE PREPARED FOR THE ROAD TO RECOVERY TO TAKE YEARS.

Above all else, STAY LOYAL TO YOUR GARDEVOIR. It's doing all this for you because you were faithful to it while it was evolving. At least retain that faith for it, so you two will continue to have a healthy relationship after it evolves.

Personal Experiences:
I know a fellow professor who had a Ralts as a starter Pokemon. Named Professor Bromelia, she had a female Ralts she named Tauriel, which I think is some kind of elf.

I remember back then, Tauriel was indeed a part of the new generation getting a hold of the Fairy Force. But being so new to the world meant that its Fairy-Type powers weren't developed all the way. And wouldn't develop for a while. However, my Sandile Gustav's Dark and Ground type powers were VERY developed. Enough so that for the first few years, every battle with her ended with me and my Sandile/Krokorok winning every time!

And then the unthinkable happened.

We paid a visit to Eindoak town to parttake in the Harvest Festival. It was at this time that while Tauriel seemed skinny and frail, Gustav grew into a bruiser bigger than I am! So despite the fact that Gardevoir was a Fairy-type too, Fairy-type TM's hadn't come out yet. So I had all my bets on Krookodile! 

My Krookodile thought the same. The moment the battle started, Krookodile started wailing on her. Digging into the ground and pouncing on her like some kind of huge tiger. Using Crunch attack, and the one time it landed a hit, it almost looked like Tauriel was small enough for him to swallow. Everyone else gasped at how I could let such a huge, brutish monster like Krookodile hurt something so delicate and beautiful as Gardevoir, and so I replied "It's delicate and beautiful. 'Tis why I picked a KROOKODILE to battle with instead, HEHEHEH." 

It was then that Gustav was going to finish off Tauriel with one final Crunch attack, and knock her out! But then, some strange, supernatural force in the background gave her some extra power. And she retaliated. Tauriel let out a Psychic blast into his MOUTH. The blast itself had no effect, being Psychic....but the explosion and shockwave coming from it blew him clear off the arena. Made him look like a pile of ashes with eyes. Knocked out several of his teeth. Made him fly until he landed in a basket full of Bluk berries, face first.

Oh boy did that make him mad...he knew as well as I did that someone GAVE her that extra power. Maybe it was some kind of legendary. But either way, it gave Tauriel the ability to win what should have been a decided battle. For a while I thought that was the only way she'd be able to win over something as big and strong as Gustav. But I was wrong!

Tauriel finally developed Fairy Type attacks! And as a result, SHE'S the one winning battles every time, having the tactics and abilities to win battles with my Krookodile!

I never studied Gardevoir much because of how many other Pokemon I was interested in, but I studied as much as I did on it because I HAD to know how she was able to pull this off. It was then that I found out about its newfound Fairy-Type abilities.

My Krookodile still tantrums about it every time he remembers it. But Gardevoir are still interesting Pokemon, if I do say so myself.

WILL WRITE A DESCRIPTION LATER. But either way, I do hope you enjoyed this HUGE surplus of info on Gardevoir! Was the best that I could manage, despite all the unknowns about it!


EDIT: OH GREAT BALLS OF FUR, THIS REPORT GOT REALLY BIG. Especially considering a metric butt-ton of extra Trainer Tips just came in from :iconrisingstar1011:, and I've got many reports of personal experiences in the comments section, pretty much guaranteeing that they won't fit in the report! Meaning I'll be making an Incidents Report story, to share the various stories of Personal Experiences others have with their Pokemon!

A lot of them happening to be Gardevoir experiences. Huh.
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undertalefonts Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
This is beautifully made and 100% believable! I love it! Are you still open to people asking questions about the Gardevoir line?
goomyiscute777 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm guessing that "Psychic" was in fact Moonblast. But again, I'm guessing
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
A couple things I think that need to be added, upon further reflection:

-Releasing, trading, or otherwise getting rid of a longtime team member is likely to cause them significant stress. They will readily make friends with other Pokemon without any intervention from you, and getting rid of someone they consider a close friend without a very good reason will be considered thoughtless at best and a minor betrayal at worst. much like a human child. This also extends to pets! They likely love your cat or dog just as much as you so if you give it up or put it down your Gardevoir WILL be just as upset as you are.

Be aware that this does not change if you have a significant other. They will not want to leave your side or see their teammates sent off because you now have a husband or wife and want alone time; many families have had their 'white lady' happily become a maid and/or adopted 'aunt'. Remember - she b>looks like</b> a human, but she is still not a human. She does not think the same way or automatically want to be the only female in your life. Even if he/she IS your significant other, they will still not necessarily want to get rid of their their old friends! Suddenly announcing to your Gardevoir that you've decided to retire the team and send everyone else off is considered a major betrayal of trust and WILL result in an emotional melt-down no matter what the circumstances are.

..and yes, I have personal experience with the last one. There's a reason I have a three-bedroom apartment and our daughter is playing outside with her 'cousin'. 

-Fully evolved Gardevoirs partnered with young trainers may try to control them. Besides their human-like maternal instincts, they can quickly determine that their new trainer is hopelessly inexperienced and do anything from subtly 'ring their warning bells' when they're about to try and capture a wild Tauros to more active influence so they spend their allowance on food instead of on comic books.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Besides benefiting young trainers in general, one trick for parents whose child is insisting on becoming a Pokemon legend instead of continuing their schooling is to let them go with a Gardevoir discreetly following behind. When the inevitable disaster occurs (running out of food, caught in a rainstorm, etc.) she will promptly 'happen' to find them and teleport the grateful child home.

-If your Gardevoir comes to you with an emotional/mental need, help them immediately. This really should go without saying, but many trainers still somehow miss the fact that to a fair degree they live or die based on how they feel. If your Gardevoir comes to you and for a little time alone or a vacation from battling, give it to them and reschedule the battle you had planned or enter the tournament the next time around. If they ask you how you feel about them, don't try to put off answering because you're nervous. And if they're especially happy about something, celebrate with them even if you've had the worst day of your life.
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hohoho MAN. I'm not even in front of a computer right now but next time I get to access my, I've GOT to add all this stuff in! And the other recommendations you added in the previous comment as well! Mostly because it's a big help for any trainer who wants to train a Gardevoir.

To be honest, I'm still kind of in shock that Gardevoir and this report got so much publicity to begin with. I would've figured Pikachu would have been the big cheese among Pokemon! Nope. Not even close to Gardevoir.

In fact I've even been thinking of compiling a list of personal stories people have had with Gardevoir, because all the stories wouldn't fit on this report! At least once I finish making the comprehensive guide to Gardevoir training even more comprehensive, with all the extra tips you've left. :)
CaptainPrower Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
-Gardevoir are highly intelligent, and as such become bored easily. Give them things to do with that big brain of theirs. Many Gardevoir enjoy a good book or a game of chess.
-When meeting a Gardevoir for the first time, always bow with both hands in plain sight. This shows them that you can be trusted and have no hostile intent.
-Gardevoir are omnivores and can eat most human foods, but avoid bananas and Tropius fruit. Gardevoir have trouble digesting large amounts of potassium.
-If you are in a relationship with your Gardevoir, know how to properly express your affection. One good way is to dance with them.

Personal Experience:

My experience with Gardevoir is a rather sad one. My Gardevoir, Alicia, lived a very hard life before coming into mine.

When I first met her, she was a patient at my sister's clinic, which specializes in rehabilitation of severely injured or physically disabled Pokemon. Alicia's entire left arm had been amputated as a result of a Houndoom attack and being left for dead by her previous trainer. As I helped her get back on her....ehhh.....Can you even call those feet? Whatever, she and I became close friends, and eventually she wanted to join my team. Obviously I can't use her in battle, but that doesn't make her a great companion.

That said, Alicia isn't without her problems. She still has frequent nightmares, so we tend to share a bed. Her prosthetic arm is very high maintenance due to having many of its internals exposed to the elements.

Yes, we're lovers, but our relationship is more focused on protecting each other than romance. Though she has made a stupendous recovery since I first met her, she's still quite frail and sickly.
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm...very interesting indeed. These are things even I hadn't taken note of when writing with this report.

In any case I'm very happy that even with the troubles that plagued Alicia so early on in life, that you are still well able to give it a happy life! After what she's gone through, she deserves that much. ^^

I shall update this report with the new recommendations, and I thank you for sharing your personal experience with this amazing Pokemon!
CaptainPrower Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
Alicia's just one of the Pokemon I've become close to, but she's by far the closest.
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think that goes without saying, since you did know a LOT of good info about Eevee that I hadn't included.

In any case, I'm actually very surprised how much publicity this report'a managed to garner. Even when I was on hiatus from report work, people still submitted a lot of stories and questions about Gardevoir! I would've thought Pikachu had all the attention, but this is certainly something unexpected! XD
CaptainPrower Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
I'm pretty sure that until we discover Raichunite, Pikachu's time in the limelight is effectively over.
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
Much as I hate to say it (I was the biggest fan of the little yellow mouse when I was young) that's a pretty fair assessment. Humanshape Pokemon and their relation to their partners in particular and mankind in general are getting all the limelight. There's also only so much that a small rodent can do compared to the more popular 'mons who can teleport, have TK abilities, even do human jobs.
Journal129 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I have a question.

How do you gain the trust of a Gardevoir who's been abandoned by his trainer?
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
Start with small things, like promises to take her/him to a calm place to meditate, and be consistent. As in never ever be late; they will know if you're making excuses. If/When they want to 'tell you something' - take the time to listen. Immediately. If they wake you up because they're sleeping nearby and are having a bad dream (the medical term is 'sympathetic nightmares') get your buns out of bed, go to their side, gently place your hands on their hands or head - NOT THEIR CHEST HORN - and think calming thoughts. Those are secondary psionic contact points that essentially let them 'hear' your reassurance without risking the backlash...a rough comparison would be licking a nine-volt battery versus sticking your finger in a light socket.

Don't sneak up on them even as an innocent joke; their trust has been shattered already. If you're lucky, they'll sense you coming anyway and not appreciate the attempt. If you're NOT lucky and actually do surprise them, expect anything from sending them into a screaming panic attack to being thrown halfway across the room or psionically stunned out of reflex.

Consider professional counseling from the beginning, or at the very least have a dedicated counselor you consult with regularly.

Be prepared for this to take YEARS.
Spiner909 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
I love stuff like this. I hope you continue doing it!
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I have a problem'

I have a Female Gardevoir named Ruth, unlike the gardevoirs you described, she is very aggressive for some reason

Ruth gives people this evil glare and her eyes glow white. She also doesn't like to be touched, I tried and one time and she released a wave of energy that sent me flying sic feet and almost broke my wrist. She also knows moves such as thunderbolt and hyper voice. I fussed at her once and she responded by shouting at me with a Hyper voice, I went deaf for three days.

Another incident was that she zapped someone who got too close to her and knocked him out, I immediately called her back into her pokeball. Someone suggested that I transfer her into a Luxury Ball, Ruth's original pokeball is a Premier Ball

Do you have any suggestions?
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

WELL MY FRIEND, that's highly unusual to tell you the truth. Something I need to know: at what stage in her life did you first catch her? Do you remember her living conditions as a Ralts or Kirlia? Has any event in her life triggered her to act this way?

This is a very hard pattern of behavior for my to explain, unless Ruth was somehow abused earlier in her life, or if she is the offspring of a malicious Pokemon, or previously brought up by a malicious owner. Any of those probable explanations could possibly contribute to her extremely aggressive behavior, and at this stage in her life, that's very hard to control since by now Ruth is probably very set in her ways. 

So as it may seem, you can perhaps transfer her to a Luxury Ball, and perhaps give her some space. Because from the looks of it, she's lashing out to people who actively try to interact with her, which is again, unusual for Gardevoirs. Sorry I couldn't suggest more, it's just I've very seldom heard of things like this actually occurring.
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Well I found her in the wild as a ralts, she was unusually high leveled, I live in a distant region, and there are ralts there, the level they can be found on is either level 4 or 5, she was on level 15 and leveled up fast as a ralts she was kinda quiet and just stared at me and when I gave an order, she would look back at me. As a Kirlia, she was more hostile, her tendency to lash out at people began and she started using psychic attacks on people she didn't like and who tried to touch her. She's also not that good with Pokémon, she doesn't lash out at Pokémon as much as people infact, I have a Milotic and she often communicates with her as they were friends.

It's possible that ruth was either a pokemon that was a trainer's, but released o maybe she was abandoned and grew hostile towards peeople
Azelsoras Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Let me weave you a sad little yarn... (In context of my Trainer OC, not me personally)

When I was seven, I met my first Ralts. I knew just from an aura around it that it was female. She bonded with me, and I ended up calling her Rose. (being seven, I wasn't creative with naming yet, don't judge me -_-; )

We grew up together, standard relationship, Trainer- Pokemon. Eventually she became a Gardevoir.

And then when I was 15, she developed "feelings" for me. Now I loved her a LOT, but not in "that" way. Luckily since these were new feelings, I was able to explain why I didn't feel the same about her. She took it rather well, thankfully.

Then when I was 20, I moved to Kalos. She got sick on the plane trip there.

Whatever it was, her immune system couldn't handle it, and it eventually gave out, killing her. The service was short and sweet, not many people in attendance- she was never fond of crowds, see.

A year later, she came back. As a zombie.

Her love was so powerful it allowed her to DEFY THE LAWS OF NATURE to come see me again.

But I saw how much pain it was for her to be like that, and I couldn't live with myself if I let it continue. So... I had to put her down.

But I couldn't. This was my partner for 14 long, amazing years, I couldn't do it myself.
I had to have a close friend do it. As cold and impersonal as it was, it had to be done.

Not a day goes by where I don't regret that decision. She deserved better than that.
(In the context of my OC)

Ah, the Zombie-Gardevoir phenomenon. They are one of the most common Pokémon to zombify themselves. I remember that incident of the zombie Gardevoir. Found the body and began to study what causes Gardevoirs to zombify. My studies indicate that there’s a large organ for reserve life energy somewhere, and with studying their cells, there is quite possibly a way to bring an Undead Gardevoir back to life. I’ve studied the ins and outs of Rose’s body, finding details about this condition. One night, she zombifyed herself again, so I decided to keep her in that state in a room until a cure could be found for her zombie condition.

The enitre institute is utterly devoted to Gardevoir health and medical conditions, with a focus on study of their long-term health and avoiding tragic accidents. We keep a few unfortunate individuals in our safe-keeping; including one who was raped in an alley, one who was purportedly the victim of a Yveltal attack, and her mother, who was hypnotized by Team Flare activists. I personally dream of seeing them each returned to life, so the zombie Gardevoir phenomenon is one of much excitement for me personally. I believe that a drug related to penicillin may do the trick. 

I just received an update; patient “Rose” shows signs of life! Could we be able to save her? If we do, she will be sent to you shortly.

Sincerely yours, Doctor William Blanc, Green Meadow Research Facility.
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
Keep me updated! So many people are praying for their partners back.

A rookie from Team Flare went after my partner once, with a strong Steel-type. I'm sure he was (briefly) surprised to learn that I not only bought her a snubnosed .44, but made sure she knew how to use it. She now insists on calling it a "Lead-type attack" that humans are weak to. 
Teaching Gardevoir use of human weapons is a novel idea and I'm very glad it works. The poor raped Gardevoirs have taken interest in shotguns as well, to make sure their enemies don't rape them again. Meanwhile, I was exploring an abandoned cemetery where it was said entire teams of Pokémon were buried alongside their partners, that was abandoned for its violent reputation. Exploring, I found a Gardevoir body in one of the crypts. She seemed perfectly preserved, and I decided to try and revive her to see how far gone one must be before being saved. Publishing my results to the Aether Foundation (which uses a lot of cryosleep), I began accessing her vital functions and then placing her in a solitary chamber. In fact, we have somewhere around 20 Gardevoirs now waiting to be returned to their owners, plus 30 more still dead. Given the owner of "Athena" is long dead, I will look into descendants for ownership. Soon, a book on Gardevoir anatomy and care will be released.

Sincerely, Dr. William Blanc
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018
With the rise of 3D printing, you'd be truly surprised how many 'Mons can not only use human tools but human weapons. Custom-made parts to use, say, a computer keyboard have been prohibitive expensive to the average person. Now not only can you download a file for a "generic" species, but a 3D designer with one of several free programs can modify an existing design for an individual. It's not that hard to learn and the process gets even simpler if you can borrow or rent time on an optical scanner. 

It's done far more than result in a lot of dead criminals, though I do love that aspect. A bar nearby my workplace is run by the sweetest MilTank you'd ever meet. There are literally hundreds of custom-printed parts and pieces that let her use equipment originally designed for human hands with ease. Twenty years ago this would have been pure fantasy. Now if one of those custom parts breaks, she can run off another with half a dozen clicks for less than the cost of a $1 burger and no more effort than ordering one. No expensive licensing, no waiting for a skilled technician, nothing.
A Miltank running a bar? That's rather amazing. I know of a few Mr. Mimes in the workplace, such as a pediatrician and a car repairman. Even the Gardevoirs i have here, such as my own, may use some of the medical tools. I was planning on making a gun specifically for Gardevoirs to be used against human and Pokémon alike, but I feel like the Leagues wouldn't approve of such. Even my "Igor", a Venusaur, uses tools designed for his dicynodont form and body plan. They were formerly crafted from scrap, but later on 3D printed for him. I do keep some of the creepier aspects of the place off-limits to tourists, but easily accessible to other scientists. Just a few days ago Xerosic watched a video of my work and was fascinated.

~Dr. William Blanc
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018
I drove some distance to a bakery run by a lovely country lady named "Berribelle", now that you remind me.

PKMN-Crossing : Berribelle by DaMee-Momma
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(In the context of my OC too, who wrote about this report!)

Hey....please do not think that you've done your partner a disservice.

The likely fact is that somehow, this same love kept her spirit from actually departing from its body, and that year later, it gave her the strength to get back up. But you made the right choice.

The fact is that she had come back as a decaying, reanimated corpse. One which revived itself to begin with because of a personal reluctance to let go of her ties on Earth. And that in itself is a far more painful existence than simply accepting death and moving on. For anyone, people or Pokemon, the best thing one can learn to do is let go, and move on to a better future...

I'm more than sure your Gardevoir is in a better place now. Don't think that the decision you made was a bad one, because it isn't.
Azelsoras Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't regret having her put down.

I regret not doing it myself. There would have been a certain dignity to that, but I couldn't grant her even that small service.
You didn't miss as much as you think. Really. It's more trauma and less closure-bringing than you think.

There's also hope for your situation, as crazy as that sounds. Research into the field of cellular regeneration is making massive strides - mostly thanks to things derived from the resurrection of fossil Pokemon. The money and research by the rich nobs who want to play Jurassic Park: Pokemon Edition is not TOTALLY going to waste.

It's not impossible that if the same thing happens to your grandson he can take his lover to a specialist and have her pseudo-body rebuilt into a REAL one. Probably with multiple grown-organ transplants (using her own DNA as a base) and surgeries both medical and cosmetic and a HELL of a lot of pain...but it's almost within our grasp.
Theautisticonenamedm Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Yes, we have access to those technologies, partly due to the zombie phenomenon. We agree nobody should ever be separated early with these sweet individuals. 

Sincerely, Dr. William Blanc.
Aburameclanhead Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student Writer
An excellent report.
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for your feedback! ^^
Retbullgivesyouwings Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
(OOC: This is highly depressing, but excellently detailed, especially with the amount of research you did for the reproduction section! Great work!)
Blueglory Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
Huh. nice... I have a Gardevoir, myself. Name of Arlene... She seems to think she's my mom, actually.
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, how nice! Must've been with you for quite a while! I haven't met that many Gardevoir myself, but that's probably why having one to begin with is a special treat! 

Although I do still know that Gardevoir my rival had ever since she was a Raltss. She shares a pretty vicious rivalry with my own starter, now a fully grown Krookodile named Gustav.
Blueglory Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
I know, I read the report. My Arlene doesn't quite trust these new Fairy-type moves, and doesn't use any. She's physically stronger then most of her kind, and her Hidden Power is a fighting type, reflecting that apparently.
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That goes to show, Gardevoir DOES have a lot of genetic variety! You're actually a pretty lucky one, having a Gardevoir who can balance itself inside of battle as well as out...literally

Just to clarify, can yer Gardevoir walk on its own two feet?
Blueglory Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
Yeah. Sometimes gives me an effective dope-slap too, hehe.
risingstar1011 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Mine developed the habit of slugging me in the arm whenever I'm clowning around a bit too much or tell one too many bad jokes. She can walk on her own by doing workouts, after she got laid out with the flu so bad she couldn't use her psychic powers. She didn't want to be that helpless ever again...but for comparison, that's somewhat like a human learning to walk by running marathons.

A right hook to the biceps from that girl is a pretty effective shut-up, let me tell you.
SolarLugia Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great Report! I just love this species! Nice touch on the bonds with Humans section as well, this was so much fun to read!
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks fer reviewing! Just made a few updates on it, but either way, thanks for reading the report! :D
SolarLugia Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pleasure is all mine! This is my favourite pokemon after all! :3
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent! Either way, I do hope that you learned something new about your favorite Pokemon from having read this report! :D
SolarLugia Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahaha! Yeah, a little bit! To think that people will treat a Gardevoir like that, after everything the trainer did to raise it AND the pokemon's good intentions...
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
'Tis not as uncommon as you think. For the most part, these kinds of people are the ones who were either:
- Terrible from the start, and lied to their Gardevoir all along to use it when it's strongest.
- Something happened, and they became jaded to the point where they no longer care about their Gardevoir's welfare anymore.

Note, while these people do exist and have Gardevoir for some time, this treatment rarely lasts for a long time because of how eager most people are to spray Skuntank poison in their eyes.
SolarLugia Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HAHAHA! Ahhhhhh that is so funny!!! :lol: I love my Gardevoir! :XD:
TipsyRa1d3n Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, who doesn't love a Gardevoir? They've got practically everything a trainer wants in a Pokemon and more! XD

And they're able to Mega Evolve! 

NOT TO MENTION....Gardevoir don't eat other Pokemon. Something even I'm still trying to work out with my Krookodile.
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