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Just some quick rules to follow by.


Don't want to see the messages from this group without leaving it?
Look at this guide!


What NOT to do in this group


:bulletred:NOTE: ONLY TUTORIALS, HELPFUL STEP-BY-STEP ART, USEFUL RESOURCES ARE ALLOWED (Exception: Art in critiques folder to to be critiqued are allowed.)
:bulletred: No Spam
:bulletred: No Rants
:bulletred: No Negative criticism
:bulletred: No Mature content
:bulletred: No Advertising
:bulletred: No Swearing at anyone or anything
:bulletred: No Stolen work

If you don't decide to follow these, please leave... :D

Please look at these if you have not already done so.
Terms of Service
Copyright Policy
If you value your privacy: Privacy Policy


What IS Accepted in the group


:bulletgreen: Tutorials
:bulletgreen: Helpful advice
:bulletgreen: Journal tutorials
:bulletgreen: Completed tutorials 
:bulletgreen: Youtube/video clips to help
:bulletgreen: Other language tutorials, but the english translation must be available


To HELP you in the group


:bulletyellow: New to DeviantART? Go here!
And here for tutorials to enhance your experience on DA.

:bulletyellow: Not sure where to submit?  
Submit here! and we will sort it out for you

:bulletyellow: Don't know how to submit? 
There are 3 ways.
By deviation to Gallery 
By journal to Gallery
From Other Deviants to the Gallery

:bulletyellow: Most folders in our Gallery are in ABC order.

:bulletyellow: Keep in mind that some of these tutorials may work with many kinds of other topics. Just take the methods and be flexible! There is no "right" or "wrong" answer on most situations if you know what you are doing!

:bulletyellow: Want to find a specific folder in this gallery?
Press "Ctrl" and "F" once at the same time to bring up a word-search-box then  type a word -or more than one word- to find the folder you want to look for.

:bulletyellow: Need help or want to ask a question?
Comment on our group's front/Home page.

:bulletyellow: There are many groups that are helpful for you in the About Us page.


To HELP US in this group


:bulletblue: Have a suggestion or advice for this group?
Go here to help us improve!

:bulletblue: Help us submit tutorials into this group!
Don't have tutorials? It's ok. You are able help us to submit works from other deviants if you come across any! Learn how >here.<

:bulletblue: Invite, mention us, and lend a hand or two to your friends! They probably need some help too!

:bulletblue: We need some deviants to volunteer as an admin to help tend to our group!

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

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AdrenalineGrafixHobbyist Interface Designer
I like the rules. However I am for constructive criticism to help my skills improve. Like if a make a design and the shading is off please let me know how to correct that. Or if I make a design and it needs improvement big time let me know what I can do to improve. I can always learn something new. Say if I follow a tutorial in the group (I always give full credit to the person) may I please post the results?
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You can also join either of these groups, improvement-club.deviantart.co… or wip-support.deviantart.com/, which are more specialized in direct help, and link to the tutorial you used.
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ArobicayoHobbyist General Artist
We will talk about it together, we have been thinking about doing that for a while, I'll see what we can do!
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Divine-Angel-HeroineHobbyist General Artist
Well you should submit your deviation to the "Critiques Wanted" folder if you want yours critiqued
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I have a bit of a problem with what is accepted: 'pictures and photos of finished products' - do you mean completed tutorials or whatnot?

And on the not accepted part: '
No criticism' - you must mean no negative criticism? Because the best way for an artist to grow is to get (positive) criticism.

You might want to make these things a bit clearer; I mean, with the 'no criticism' policy, even what I'm doing right now is basically not accepted. That doesn't seem very productive, all in all.
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Divine-Angel-HeroineHobbyist General Artist
Don't forget about the tutorials with different languages. You talked about how they should be.
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Divine-Angel-HeroineHobbyist General Artist
Um finished products? Define that.
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