[News] Updates To The Group - 9/4/2014
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In case you want to see what we have planned they are >here< Please give some feedback in that journal.

Up. #10 (8/23/15) - Added new folder "Art Protection and Credit"

Up. #9 (1/16/15) - Added new folder called "T. Inking"

Up. #8 (9/5/14) - New Links to Softwares Free and Not free:
Added links to official free softwares inside the folders in the Programs section

Up. #7 (September 4th, 2014) - New Folder:
Art Results after Tutorials folder added. Folder submission rule: " Finished work that have used tutorials.

Up. #6 (September 2nd, 2014) - Sorted, added, and changed placements of Gallery folders including the tutorials in the folders. The dashed folders that used to be known as "seperators" will now be used.

Update #5 (August 11th, 2014) - Sort Folder location changed:
For now, the tutorial submissions will be in the Featured folder if one doesn't know where to look or just want their tutorial featured.

Up. #4 (August 1st, 2014) - Tutorial Compilations + Added New Folders + Renamed Folders + Deleted Some Folders:
Tutorial Compilations folder will be closed to members. The reason why is I'm planning to create a journal with a collection of tutorials featured

Up. #3 (Unspecified Date) - Gallery Folder Additions:
Added a few more folders..  Keep in mind that i'll add more info to the folders to help a bit more

Up. #2 (Unspecified Date) - Group's Icon:
I have updated the group's icon.

Update #1 (Unspecified Date) - Added Favorites:
The Favorites are only in case if it's unable to be accepted into the group
Ex: Brushes, Textures, Meshes, and more.
It is still a work in progress.

:iconmythic-flame: For...
  1. Founding the group
  2. Adding pixel decorations
  3. Sending Invitations
  4. Accepted Update #5 from :icondivine-angel-heroine:

:iconarobicayo: For...

  1. Sending invitations
  2. Helped with spread more awareness

:icondivine-angel-heroine:(:icongolden-angel-dragon:) For...

  1. Adding, sorting, editing folders
  2. Sending Invitations
  3. Adding pixel decorations
  4. Submitting tutorials from other deviants

Admins feel free to add in what you did for this group.

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