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What NOT to do in this group


:bulletred:NOTE: ONLY TUTORIALS, HELPFUL STEP-BY-STEP ART, USEFUL RESOURCES ARE ALLOWED (Exception: Art in critiques folder to to be critiqued are allowed.)
:bulletred: No Spam
:bulletred: No Rants
:bulletred: No Negative criticism
:bulletred: No Mature content
:bulletred: No Advertising
:bulletred: No Swearing at anyone or anything
:bulletred: No Stolen work

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What IS Accepted in the group


:bulletgreen: Tutorials
:bulletgreen: Helpful advice
:bulletgreen: Journal tutorials
:bulletgreen: Completed tutorials 
:bulletgreen: Youtube/video clips to help
:bulletgreen: Other language tutorials, but the english translation must be available


To HELP you in the group


:bulletyellow: New to DeviantART? Go here!
And here for tutorials to enhance your experience on DA.

:bulletyellow: Not sure where to submit?  
Submit here! and we will sort it out for you

:bulletyellow: Don't know how to submit? 
There are 3 ways.
By deviation to Gallery 
By journal to Gallery
From Other Deviants to the Gallery

:bulletyellow: Most folders in our Gallery are in ABC order.

:bulletyellow: Keep in mind that some of these tutorials may work with many kinds of other topics. Just take the methods and be flexible! There is no "right" or "wrong" answer on most situations if you know what you are doing!

:bulletyellow: Want to find a specific folder in this gallery?
Press "Ctrl" and "F" once at the same time to bring up a word-search-box then  type a word -or more than one word- to find the folder you want to look for.

:bulletyellow: Need help or want to ask a question?
Comment on our group's front/Home page.

:bulletyellow: There are many groups that are helpful for you in the About Us page.


To HELP US in this group


:bulletblue: Have a suggestion or advice for this group?
Go here to help us improve!

:bulletblue: Help us submit tutorials into this group!
Don't have tutorials? It's ok. You are able help us to submit works from other deviants if you come across any! Learn how >here.<

:bulletblue: Invite, mention us, and lend a hand or two to your friends! They probably need some help too!

:bulletblue: We need some deviants to volunteer as an admin to help tend to our group!

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

In case you want to see what we have planned they are >here< Please give some feedback in that journal.

Up. #10 (8/23/15) - Added new folder "Art Protection and Credit"

Up. #9 (1/16/15) - Added new folder called "T. Inking"

Up. #8 (9/5/14) - New Links to Softwares Free and Not free:
Added links to official free softwares inside the folders in the Programs section

Up. #7 (September 4th, 2014) - New Folder:
Art Results after Tutorials folder added. Folder submission rule: " Finished work that have used tutorials.

Up. #6 (September 2nd, 2014) - Sorted, added, and changed placements of Gallery folders including the tutorials in the folders. The dashed folders that used to be known as "seperators" will now be used.

Update #5 (August 11th, 2014) - Sort Folder location changed:
For now, the tutorial submissions will be in the Featured folder if one doesn't know where to look or just want their tutorial featured.

Up. #4 (August 1st, 2014) - Tutorial Compilations + Added New Folders + Renamed Folders + Deleted Some Folders:
Tutorial Compilations folder will be closed to members. The reason why is I'm planning to create a journal with a collection of tutorials featured

Up. #3 (Unspecified Date) - Gallery Folder Additions:
Added a few more folders..  Keep in mind that i'll add more info to the folders to help a bit more

Up. #2 (Unspecified Date) - Group's Icon:
I have updated the group's icon.

Update #1 (Unspecified Date) - Added Favorites:
The Favorites are only in case if it's unable to be accepted into the group
Ex: Brushes, Textures, Meshes, and more.
It is still a work in progress.

:iconmythic-flame: For...
  1. Founding the group
  2. Adding pixel decorations
  3. Sending Invitations
  4. Accepted Update #5 from :icondivine-angel-heroine:

:iconarobicayo: For...

  1. Sending invitations
  2. Helped with spread more awareness

:icondivine-angel-heroine:(:icongolden-angel-dragon:) For...

  1. Adding, sorting, editing folders
  2. Sending Invitations
  3. Adding pixel decorations
  4. Submitting tutorials from other deviants

Admins feel free to add in what you did for this group.

ProjectComment's Commenter System is supported through a group of "Commenters", those who have offered to give feedback so that others can directly request a constructive comment.

We would really like more commenters to join to make this system useful for everyone on DeviantArt.

Every little bit helps, So if you guys could come check it out, that would help out a tonne!


Updated 10/9/14:

Idea/Suggestion 4 - Helpful Member Promotion/Reward/: Whenever a member of our group contributes to our group very often we help them gain more recognition as a thank-you for helping us.
Make up badges for those who are helpful in the group. "trophies"

Here are some info as evidence that we are planning (and commencing) to make our group improve for you!

Here are some questions for you deviants to help contribute to this group by sharing your thoughts.
If you have anything to share with us for this group, feel free to comment under this journal on this page. Don't be shy. Don't worry.
Q1. What should be made 'better to suit' for you and others around you?
Q2. What is it that you want to look for in this group?
Q3. Is there anything that may be 'missing' in this group?
Q4. What should we improve?
Q5. What should we change?

I have opened a chat room for our group here to discuss ideas or plans or even if anyone would like some real-time help. Send a note to the group 1st if it's needed then one of us may come in the >Chatroom<.

In case you want to see what we have updated for this group, go >here<

Simple Notes:

1. "Keep it simple, Stupid!" (K.I.S.S.)  Oh gosh. I still remember that advice from my English teacher. I miss him so much.
2. Be consistent.
3. Add sorted guidance.


PLAN 1 - After-Tutorial:
"maybe ... a thing where people show there art after a tutorial, and other things like that!"

PLAN 2 - Features:
"...A deviant or their art is featured every week or month or something. That could go in the featured as well as a weekly journal like
Our Weekly deviant is Someone, with their tutorial (or picture, advice, awareness) ect. Then continue..."

PLAN 3 - Journal Features for Specific Subjects:
How about I making up a journal to feature tutorials. Most tutorials will be collected and organized into categories, all into one journal.
Some journals may be organized like small guidances for beginners.
Others will be journals organized to help with specific areas.
"Small tips" will be set aside within them.

Now for the basics to more advanced...
I have to figure out on which subject to start from the beginning... shapes? colors? vocabulary?

PLAN 4 - Tutorial Book Series/ Flash series:
Similar to PLAN 4. Organize it with pages. Add an index. Make the cover.
Seems like from what i've seen there are some deviants out there that are not able to view flash so it might not be in flash.

PLAN 5 - Fan Tutorials:
"Of course there are other big subjects it seems... like most of the disney works.......  and even DragonBallZ and Kingdom Hearts...make a seperator indicating "Fanmade Tutorials?"

PLAN 6 - Critiques:
:iconsilenceflying: [S]
"...somewhere we can put work so that people will critique us even if we don't have the critique thingy on.
You could put a limit on it, like only one submission per person per fortnight or month ... you ask people to only submit once they have critiqued someone else's.
... people would remove their deviations from the folder after receiving 3 critiques from the group,
(put the group icon at the bottom of the critique so that it is easy to tell then everyone one would know who needs critiquing.)
(but obviously it would be better to critique people within your area of expertise so that you can offer constructive advice/criticism...)"


This is where you may post your ideas and suggestions for this group.  If the idea is accepted by the Founder, it may be put into action.  Any/All ideas EVEN QUESTIONS are welcome.
Please number your ideas/suggestions. For example:

"IDEA 1 - Gallery Repairs:
blah, blah, blah"

Idea/Suggestion 1: Poll-ish:
How about we ask the other members/deviants how 'these ideas/suggestions' should go?
Post a journal and list some ideas/suggestions by numbers to 'vote'
Then let the 'voters'(The members of this group or some other deviants) comment the plan/idea/suggestion - that is specified by the number beside them- and then count how many overall 'votes' for the number that is beside the plan/idea.suggestion.  (Seems complicated but it's simple really.)

Idea/Suggestion 2 - Additions:
:iconmenaria: [S]
"Add tutorials of creating Steam workshop-compatible models in Blender."
Each kind of software should have its separated folder.
For example diginal drawing, traditional drawing, crafting, modeling, 3d modeling etc
Make a separated folder for mlp since that's a big subject"

Idea/Suggestion 3 - Gallery Fix-Up:
:iconmenaria: [S]
"...gallery of folders require rework. It should have very specific categories, but 10 folders max. people don't like to scroll trough them and wonder wether their posing tutorial should go into anatomy or  character design (those are just examples)."
:icondivine-angel-heroine: answered: [S]
"...there is a sorting folder saying "Submit here" if one doesn't really know where to submit."


Idea/Suggestion 4 - Helpful Member Promotion/Reward/:
Whenever a member of our group contributes to our group we help them gain more recognition as a thank-you for helping us.
Make up badges for those who are helpful in the group. "trophies"


Thought 1 - Nomming Gallery XD :
:icondivine-angel-heroine: [S]
"... "But what if they want to look at a specific program/tutorial field and because of so many of the other tutorials in the folder that relates to a huge topic they just have to keep searching in the folders."
:iconmenaria: answered [S]:
"I know from my own experience that people rarely browse trough those galleries. Mostly they care for submitting and if there's something specific they're looking for, they either search for it via DA browser.
Also even if number of folders would be limited, I don't think anybody's gonna complain to search just a few pages of them."

Thought 2 - Unorganized Gallery:
"The tutorial directory you build is a bit too general for drawing improvement and offers too many distractions for someone whos just meant to sit down and practice."
:icondivine-angel-heroine: replied:
Welp! Now, I must zoom into the gallery and fix stuff it's still a work in progress

Thought 3 - Simple or Specific?:
.... Ok some people may want 'it' simple.... others want 'it' specific.....  um... what are we going to do here??
:iconmythic-flame: answered:
"Simple, a little of everything not specific. I was thinking more Tips so Tablet tips, photoshop/gimp/ect Even traditional art not just digital"
We have a new staff member!


she's already done great for the group! editing, customising, and giving the group new ideas. go watch, follow or join her groups :D

Thanks ~


Submission Rules

When uploading a journal....

- No rants
- Tutorials would be great
- No advertising (commissions, groups, yourself)