:iconmythic-flame: and :iconbronycoliny: have not been as active on the group, as we would have liked. We are now looking for 1 or 2  people who are responsible and willing to check up on the group every day (or at least 3 times a week) If you are interested please leave a comment!
Well we have 29 people YAY!

it would be great if you can find pictures, photos, tutorials, youtube vids or anything else and add them here! its would be Great!
i hope you are enjoying the group and sorry for not uploading much lately.


~ founder ~ Mythic-flame
Well to start off THANK YOU! for you deviations and tutorials you have put in.

It would really help if you somehow advertised such as journals and other. invite you friends and watchers to join and even help by finding affiliates!

also I think we need some staff, so

If you want to become a contributor or another role don't hesitate to send me a note :D

thanks for your time!

-- Mythic-Flame - founder ---
:squee: Heyyy! thanks for joining :squee:

----and if you haven't yet why don't you join?-----

If theres any problems with the group Please tell me. maybe some setting isnt right.


Thats all for now

p.s. got any photos or anything to share their more than welcome to come up
NOO Don't look away!

Keep reading it will get better and at the end theres a ****surpriseeeee****

I want you. to press the +watch button if you want to share speed art or tutorials to the deviants

Go on Press it i know you want to

Help make this group Epic!

Now you wanted your surprise huh?

well its actually a Big hug (cause who doesn't like hugs?) Press the +watch and post something and you will get a nice bug warm hug.

oh and ..... We have COOKIES..... shhhh no telling anyone..

Submission Rules

When uploading a journal....

- No rants
- Tutorials would be great
- No advertising (commissions, groups, yourself)