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Hey Deviant Art!

I'm back and I'm going to do my best to keep things current. Some fan art, my latest games and of coarse so good ol pin-ups.
Well I've desided to leave DA.
It was a good run, but with my new site I don't have time to post here or become an active member.

So if any body that runs this site wishes to close this account, do it. yes I know, "DA doesn't close aacounts" but consider this area closed.

Good bye
Well Happy new year to everyone.
Hope it was safe and more importantly fun.
I finally have up and running. There's some stuff there thats not posted here at DA and vice-versa.

check it out.

Also if any one thinks that there stlye and the stuff I do would "meld together" hit me up with an e-mail. For some reason I'm really in the mood for a colaberation piece.
K, classes are done!

Well for the most part. I have something due in a class I know I've faild butt the teacher hasn't asked for it. (well aslong as I was there any way). For some reason I'm really REALLY tired. Gonna start posting art here every other day (hopefully). Also now that its break I;m gonna start my personal web page/gallery.

Problem is, I'm starting from the ground up.

Lucky for me I have "creating webpages for dummies".

Well, we'll see soon enough.
K, new around here. I'll probably post something here every other day or so.

Not sure what to write in a Journal but "feel" I know what I'm doing.

So ....
uh, I rented Tron last night. Fell asleep befor it ended so I have to watch it agian.

Yeah, thats good for now. Its best to start off slow then work my way up with this entry stuff.