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August 31, 2009
The suggester says, "bliss by *tipoe is a very sick shot. You get thoughts in your head like someone got shot in the front of this wall. But the real question is why someone wrote on the wall "bliss". I mean, where you can find bliis in this picture?". Lots of questions, no answers and an image to come back to time and time again.
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firstly: it's not a photomanipulation
secondly: I wouldn't have found this place without oozzee's photo [link]
(or I should say that I hadn't known that sth like that is in this ruins, I've gone there twice or thrice but I couldn't find it, I was just looking for it in wrong buildings, but finally in April, I found it :P)
thirdly: "bliss" on the photo wasn't written by me.

ruins in Gdansk, April 2008

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thank you :aww:

update from 31.08.2009
so, i'm stiil in shock that it appeared in Daily Deviation :O
(read more in my journal --> [link] )

and I feel like I must write more about this photo :)

so, it's the interior of the building which used to be ... a slaughterhouse. Decided to be closed in 90s, then defrauded and burnt a few times, since 2006 this place (it's not only one building, it used to be a factory with several buildings) 's been sold and a housing estate is planned to be built there. but when I visited this place last time I didn't see big differences.

(sorry for my English, if you don't understand sth, just tell me :P )
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somehow the word bliss makes it have some deep emotion, same for the lighting and colors. Great photo