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I'M ALIVE! Kinda...

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 4:59 PM
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Hey gals and guys!

Sorry 'bout my vanishing act ONCE AGAIN. I've been hired by two companies, at the same time. For one of those, namely APTOR software, I'm actively developing educational games, working both on coding and artsie stuff. Gladly, I'm working with a very talented artist named Luna (you guys should check her stuff here: ), thus I can still breath, a little. Also, another company hired me in a "do-it-at-your-own-pace" style to coordinate another educational game they're developing. So, that is basically why I'm not posting that much lately, but I will try to remedy that ASAP. As said before, I've dropped none of my previous projects, but they're going at a VERY SLOW pace. But I will try my best and organize me better in order to update DA once in a week. That is it for now, chubby heads. Toodles!

And sorry for my faulty english, it is worse than ever, I know.

Still lot's a job!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 13, 2013, 7:15 PM
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Hello guys and girls, how you all are doing? I'm fine, thanks. Nothing much has changed since last journal entry, but that is good, from the point of view that I still have a lot do. Had to drop one collab game because, well, the programmer just went MIA. Well, can't bother enough to chase him and ask dafuq is going on, already had enough of his unnecessary rudeness, better like this. Nonetheless. Moon Defender is done for a month now and up for active bidding, if anyone is interested on taking it a look, here is the link on FGL:…

Also, Rambear is "done", however, it got MANY performance issues. Told him to not use AS2 nor flash bare engine AND also told him to do bit blitting instead of painting movie clips, but well, who actually listen to me? But, from some point of view, that is good, the game will be remade on AS3, hopefully using Stencyl AND I will have the chance to improve the game in many aspects, adding much more replay value to it.

ALSO, you guys should check out Noah's stuff here:

Who is Noah? Noah is damn talented boy who can make your dreams come true. No, I'm dead serious. He is a young, talented and passionate programmer which I had the pleasure to work with on Moon Defender. Now we are working on Dragon Feeders and it will be awesome, you should keep track of it. So, stay tunned, Noah promised that we will have new stuff there every Saturday!

ALSO, I've signed on SEBRAE's game development contest, so, cheer for me!

ALSO, I'm not taking any more job FOR NOW. However, if you wanna hire me for something or propose some collab, please, do it, I just can't work on it right now, but we surely can discuss something for the future.

And I think that is it!

bai guise, luv u all~

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Well, gladly, in the past few weeks I've got quite a couple of works queued up, I'm excited. Got to work on some more pixel art, got to learn one thing or two about high quality vector art. Things are getting better and I hope they keep like that. : D The only sad bit about everything is that my first two contractors didn't finish their games YET (yeah, after 5 months), which means no money for me for a long, long time. I'm even considering that one them might not even finish it. Well, that is life, gotta learn which jobs NOT to take. But it things keep getting better, as they're doing now, you guys will see lots of new stuff around here, I promise! Right now there are 6 games that I'm working on, 3 of them actively, 1 of them come out tomorrow, 1 of them come out the next week and other 2 will come out in the next month, hopefully.

If you, by any chance, need someone to work on your game, don't be shy and let me know it.

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I'm moving on, literally. Had a hell of a ride in this apartment, lived here for almost 5 years with awesome roomies. I'm really sad to say goodbye, but well, life is just like that, nothing I can do about it. Anyway, lately I've been posting more game-related stuff, I'm really trying to make a career out of it, as some of you might have concluded. Sadly, those game collabs are taking a LONG AS FUCK time to get done. The funny part about it is that it is not my fault! All the arts are done, but developers are like, taking forever to finish the games. And one of those games is literally done, all the developer have to do is rig my re-sking into the game. And at some point he asked me to make things faster. Funny mate that one. Meanwhile I will try to make my portfolio richier with stuff that I can actually show without compromising any project. Everyday I'm learning something new about flash art or pixel art, but now is time to dwelve somewhere I never did before: 3d modeling. Wish me luck, guys and gals.
So, I'm finally a computer science bachelor...YAY! However...I might use my degree for nothing at all. How ironic is that? ANYWAY... This July we will FINALLY release Guy Vs. The Wicked And Nefarious Land, our (Cog Monkeys) first indie game. The game will be available on Desura, Indievania and, hopefully, Nuuvem. You guys can follow more about our project on the following links:

Cog Monkeys Blog:
Cog Monkeys Twitter:!/cogmonkeys
Guy's Page:…
Guy's Facebook Page:…
Guy page on IndieDB:…

The indieDB page is updated constantly and the content you see there is probably what you will see on Desura, so, stay tunned!
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And, once again, I am by myself. That is kinda dangerous, I am getting way too much used to that. Anyway...the game I've been working on might be released at the end of January and it's getting pretty :3 Didn't posted anything about it yet because I am a bit paranoid about that someone might steal our content, will release more stuff once we are near the launch. My best regards to everyone!
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Been working even MOAR nowadays. But already looking for another job while doing some freelances for some colleges.

A friend hired me for doing all the artsy stuff from his game so, I will prolly be posting more often (once the game is released, since he doesnt want to some info slip away).

Love ya all. <3