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Why?!?!?!?!?!?! by Tionoasin Why?!?!?!?!?!?! :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 10
True story.
Bad, depressing poetry.
:icontionoasin:Tionoasin 1 4
I drew this a while ago. by Tionoasin I drew this a while ago. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 2 13 Fading Tension by Tionoasin Fading Tension :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 2 Emotional battle field. by Tionoasin Emotional battle field. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 2 2 Can't focus. by Tionoasin Can't focus. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Ambivalence by Tionoasin Ambivalence :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Calm, unsettled, and stressed. by Tionoasin Calm, unsettled, and stressed. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Emotions covered in dust. by Tionoasin Emotions covered in dust. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 1 0 Bipolar. by Tionoasin Bipolar. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Waves of emotion. by Tionoasin Waves of emotion. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Mixed emotions. by Tionoasin Mixed emotions. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 thermotropic liquid crystals by Tionoasin thermotropic liquid crystals :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 2 Shadows. by Tionoasin Shadows. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Broken colors. by Tionoasin Broken colors. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 0 0 Flames of emotion. by Tionoasin Flames of emotion. :icontionoasin:Tionoasin 1 2


I quit memes after this forever. Not really.

Alyssa tagged me

1. List two of your favorite authors.
Someone and John Green.

2. Looks out the nearest window and describe what you see.
A curtain.

3. How frequently do you say "That's what she said"?

4. What do you think is your best quality?
I have good qualities? PJ says "Being Tyler"

5. What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
YOUR MOM! OHHHHHHHHH! or just my love life.

6. What's your favorite type of traditional media?

7. What qualities do you find attractive in the opposite gender (or same gender if you're homosexual)?
Nice/polite/whatever, Nerdyness, Brains, um...

8. Do you have any fetishes?
I do not believe so.

9. What kind of "phases" did you go through in elementary/middle school?
Um... a Shanedawson hair phase and that's all.

10. Do you think you have a good singing voice?
No idea

11. How many hours do you usually use the computer per day?
As many as I am awake. Quite literally.

12. Do you speak any foreign languages?

13. If you have a child, what will you name it?
I like the names Alyssa and Leon.

14. What's your favorite word(s)?

15. Would you consider yourself a people person?
I usually only associate with people who I assume are awesome.

16. Describe each of your siblings, if you have any.
Sarah, she's annoying but entertaining sometimes. Christopher tends to rant but he's cool. Sean is awesome.

17. What's your favorite season?
Autumn. Good temperatures, pretty trees.

18. Favorite video games?
Portal, Minecraft, Halo, Any other valve game.

19. If you have any pets, what is the weirdest thing they do?
Being a cat/dog.

20. Do you like your handwriting?

21. Favorite anime?

22. Any songs stuck in your head?

23. Which friend of the opposite gender would you most like to cuddle with?
None of them would.

24. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
Hm... being friends with Garrett for 4 or 5 years.

25. Are you more likely to tickle others or be tickled by others?
Ha, just try to tickle me.

26. Where are you ticklish? :3
None of the above.

27. Which movies do you quote most often?
Monty Python.

28. Where do you usually shop for clothes?
PJ's house.

29. What do you think of your own body image?
It's based upon what people tell me, so it's fine.

30. What scares you?
The fact that I don't fear death.

31. Favorite color for a car?

32. Do you write poetry?

33. Did you know who Michael Jackson was before he died?

34. Would you consider your usual diet healthy?
Not really.



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Hi my name is Tyler


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Bringmetohell Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Artist
aww it's tyler face -pinches cheeks- it's been so long, you have missed so many life changes in bri :0
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*enjoys some super awesome dubstep drop* my life may never have been complete without your existence.
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it wasnt a spaggledog xD
Tionoasin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh cool!
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So, if I'm the internet... people are on me everyday.
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