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Hetalia Shimeji: Austria

Alright, he's finished, there is some problems with ghost pixels that I can't find... I've gotten rid of most of them, but if you want to take screenshots of him for whatever reason, do it against a lighter background, he looks better (though against dark it's not terrible... it's just not as clean as I would have hoped)

RAR | [link]
ZIP| Button next to the Preview

If you need to trouble shoot, try this [link]

He is based off crazy-chibi's Japan and England [link]

I hope you like him!

EDIT AGAIN: Somehow the file was wrong with the download button it's fixed now.

EDIT: More shimejis by me!

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Silvursh0res721's avatar
Aaghhhh it'S SO CUtE

Sorry for being a noob but where's the zip. file again? I can't use RAR files for some reason so.....

TionneDawnstar's avatar
Not a problem! Glad you like it!
ILovsTicciToby's avatar
Um how do u make these?
TionneDawnstar's avatar
There are lots of tutorials on how to make shimeji around. I'd suggest a google search since I don't really make them anymore.
Lovina-Romana-Vargas's avatar
I tried to run the shimeji but it won't let me ;-; can you please tell me how to do this?
TionneDawnstar's avatar
More then likely you aren't running the correct version of Java. You need Java 6. If you go on YouTube there are several tutorials on how to get the right Java and how to install it so you can run shimeji. Also if you are running Mac, normal scripting won't work, you have to do something special to get them do run, but I don't know how, I don't have a Mac.
xXJustForFunXx's avatar
you need a special java, but I dont want to download it...
Christine-Bonnefoy's avatar
Where is the Zip link button? I don't see it

TionneDawnstar's avatar
I should be on the right side bar, right next to the preview picture. I just went and checked and it was there for me. It was above the place where it shows "more from this artist"
Kavahle22's avatar
TionneDawnstar's avatar
Oh! Well thank you very much! I'm glad you like him!
Kavahle22's avatar
You are welcome very much!
TheItalianStrawberry's avatar
Ummm....I Wanted To Ask If You Take Request If You Do Can You Make Me A Shimeji 
TionneDawnstar's avatar
I'm not taking requests for shimeji. It takes too much time and every time I do the shimeji doesn't turn out how I want it. If you are willing to pay me then I'll make one, but I'm only accepting commissions right now.
TheItalianStrawberry's avatar
What Program Do You Use
TionneDawnstar's avatar
For this shimeji I used photoshop
Korwynze's avatar
TheReapersApprentice's avatar
Do you by chance have a regular France or a FrUk one? I can't get one for the life of me x.x Stupid france :iconheaddeskplz:
TionneDawnstar's avatar
No I haven't made a normal France, I try not to duplicate ones that were already made, even though people duplicate mine lol. I thought there was a regular France around. If I ever get back into making them a lot I plan on making a HetaOni one, he'll be in his regular clothes, but he'll be all bloody and stuff.
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