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Hetalia: 2P France Shimeji Download



Alright, here is my second 2 Player Shimeji, and the first in my new, Illustrator style. He's the same size as Japan, but in the same kind of style as HetaOni France. He has a rapier, and be warned, every frame he's smoking, he's drunk some of the time, and he often has a glass of champagne. He sorta looks like a drug addict as well, or something like that, so if you find that offensive, he might be offensive to you. He's supposed to be a 'bad' counterpart, so that's what I went with. Oh and the 'stray' pixels aren't stray at all, it's smoke from the cigarette, so if you can't see it's animated, try viewing the shimeji on a dark background!

Zip and Rar| [link]

This goes to my SkyDrive, if there is any problem, then let me know so I can fix it. There are also some other shimeji in there.

Also, I have Windows Vista, so I can't help you troubleshoot for anything other then that. Please look to Youtube for tutorials if you need help. If you have Vista, then I might be able to help you out.

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