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Heroes of Olympus: Percy Jackson Shimeji DL



Alright, lets see how this goes... This was actually more of an exercise for myself using Illustrator then making a shimeji, this doesn't mean I'm back at it... however I think he turned out exceptionally well, so I'm going to go ahead and share him.

This is Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon from the Rick Riordan books. For those that don't know, shimeji are desktop buddies, they crawl around your screen and do adorable things... and are pretty much completely useless other then that. I want to say now, that I have Windows Vista, I CAN NOT help you with trouble shooting when it comes to Windows 7, 8 or Macs. I simply don't know how to make them work on those machines. Check YouTube for a tutorial if he doesn't work.

[link] (Zip). This is the Link to my Skydrive, I'm hoping it works. This is the first time I've used Skydrive for downloading a Shimeji, if the DL won't work, this is something you can please message me about so I can fix/figure out what's going on... for techincal stuff with the actual shimeji on your computer I CAN NOT HELP YOU. He works just fine on mine. I know you need Java 6 somehow, that's all the troubleshooting I know.

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Hi! this is really cute, but I--how do you download this? I mean, when I click the download button in the right side of my screen, just a picture pops up. how do you download this?