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Axis Powers Hetalia: Cowboy America Shimeji DL



Alright, here is my next Shimeji, Cowboy America for :iconjiejen237:! I hope he meets your expectations!

RAR | [link]
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About this Shimeji: He is made off my American Revolution America, but he's actually quite a bit different then that one! The costume design is my own, though it's rather heavily influenced off the cannon design for Cowboy America. I just, well I think of Cowboy and I think leather duster, I couldn't help myself lol. He's ship free, and he's also smaller then my other Shimejis because of the hat. He's about the same size as the Pictos, but he looks really small next to the American Revolution or Austria Shimejis. There wasn't much I could do. Cowboy America will attack your browser with a shotgun, crawl around, pull himself out of a chest and a barrel, wave his flag and eats a hamburger.

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do you have any tips on how to get this to work? Cause ive been trying for 30 mins and it's still not working