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The idea of the "Voyage to the unknown" project is to browse through a category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, collect some of the pictures you find stands out, and feature them in your journal!
More information in this journal: Voyage to the unknown: Master JournalWith the amount of people jumping in on this new "Voyage to the unknown" project, I wanted to create a master journal where I will collect all of the journals that have been put together following my initial post! This journal serves the purpose of explaining the project, and collecting everyone's journals, so feel free to include it in your new "voyage to the unknown" collections, and please leave a comment with a link to your awesome journals so I can feature them here! :la:
The concept:
The idea is to browse through 1 category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, and collect some of the art you find stands out! The point of this is to challenge ourselves and discover new art in the process! I'll personally be tagging people in each issue to follow suit and do their own, however, don't feel obligated to respond to the tag. I just want everyone to know I'd love to see them do their own spin of this feature <

Everyone can join this project! I chose the category Digital Art / Typography! And you... which category would you choose?
Personally, I began with the "browse Popular All time" page:… . I took a look at the subcategories, and it reminded me that I do like typography. Once I found a few deviations that I like, I browsed collections of faves in which they were... hours later, here is my own selection of very cool artworks:

NOWHERE Title Remix by SylviaRitter
We Don't Talk To Monsters by vedoo  Getting high by leobattistella

Moav Typeface by andreasleonidouDrop The Shadow by Simanion

I have no idea by rizign  _Who Am I by LadyRouge

Illusive by shoelesspeacock  Light by Play4ce

Sounds typo by ultimateboss

Cliik Cliik Boom by Citronade-Arts  Bauhaus Poster by DT1087

Milk Typography by lakeela  Typography 4 by TrueCelticHeart

Positivity by randyblinkaddicter  Oh My Gosh by TBS-Tobias

Typotanic by BeJay  MAKE TYPO NOT LOVE by palax

You can do by exageth  Paper Cut by Sarah-Q8

.                             .:: JOGJAKARTA ::. by southtreez

If you like this article, you might also be interested by my journal about the logo of deviantArt, its evolution and variants...

dA logoZI tried to find the story of the official dA logos,
and I also selected several pictures inspired by these logos.
(This is not the official story, I may have missed something,
and of course my selection is totally subjective.)
Here is the very first official dA's Logo:

It has been created in 2001 by digitaldecay.
As you can see there's no square around the letters,
and it has no specific colours.
here are several deviations inspired by it:

(This is my favourite emoticon, created by zacthetoad)

:bulletgreen:   ---  :bulletgreen:   ---  :bulletgreen:   ---  :bulletgreen:   ---  :bulletgreen:

.                                                                               :dalove:
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Thank you <3 Hug:)