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Several pictures...

Letting Go Wallpaper
Mazandaran, Iran 7
Black Stripes
Chiaro Di Luna
Blue porcelain
to capture the moment
En quittant Hasparren
Misty Lake
flowers and thorns
Secrets Of The Moor
Cold as silence
In The Dreams Of The Dead
I Love Tits
Owl on a Branch
Bright Future
Wood Edge
Autumn Rain
-Forest of rare moments-
Green Vibes by Leonid Afremov
Autumn Leaves
yellow before the sunset

...and several songs.

Excuse me (Acoustic) by Fire From The Gods

From the album Narrative Retold

Released in 2017

Music genre: Hard rock, acoustic, reggae

Crossfire by Stephen

R&B, electronic - 2015

Hold Your Colour by Pendulum

Drum and bass, electronic rock - 2005

I Feel You by 3 Doors Down

Alternative rock, post-grunge - 2002

Snow White by Zoot Woman

Synth-pop - 2003

Ready Steady Gogo by She

Electronica, jazz - 2008

and also...

Snap Shoot by Seventeen

From the album An Ode

Released in 2019

Music genre: K-pop

(Choreography video) (Better audio version here)

Photographer fella (Artist)

Several pictures from my recent faves, and several songs from YouTube.

No rules, no themes, just "things that I like" these days.

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Merci pour tout ça :hug:Je suis en très nette baisse de régime sur dA en ce moment, je dois consacrer de l'énergie ailleurs et c'est un peu dur. Donc merci encore pour la patience et la présence :D :rose:

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Pas de problème! :hug: J'ai moi-même l'esprit un peu ailleurs ces temps-ci! :nod:

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Très jolie collection, et si harmonieusement agencée ! :love: Merci beaucoup d'y avoir inclus mon travail ! :)
TinyWild's avatar

C'est un plaisir! :meow:

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a very beautiful presentation ... many thanks for sharing !
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You're welcome!

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Thank you for feature in this beautiful collection ! heart doves by VasiDragos  
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You're welcome! :meow:

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merci pour  avoir choisi une de mes photos :)
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C'est un plaisir!

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Thanks a lot for the feature! :happybounce:
TinyWild's avatar

You're welcome!

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awesome, thank you very much for including my work Heart 
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It's a pleasure!

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What a fabulous collection of music and art.  Thanks for including me in this!
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Thank you very much! You're welcome! :meow:

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❤️✨Thank you! (^-^)
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It's a pleasure!

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