Hello everybody,

We recently started our fan art contest. We're giving away FIVE WALLSCROLLS to 5 people who enter this competition.

To be honest, we have never done anything like this before. However, since we have engaged so much with the community and built a small but excited fan base, what better way to give back to our fans than with the artwork that everybody seems to love and enjoy?

We have already received a few pieces and I am amazed at them already! I've also seen some WIP's posted on facebook, so I know even more good stuff is coming. It really puts a smile on our face and a warm feeling in our hearts when we (and by we I mean everybody on the TinyWars team) see these incredible artworks that people have put their time and effort into.

A few of our most popular characters happen to be Amy and Kumo. I'm really surprised that their design has caught on as much as it has. Honestly, it feels weird when people love our characters so much. But I'm glad!

Our company Bizurk Software started off as a web and app development firm. Never had we thought we would be in game design and here we are, experimenting with our first ever game release. Is it going to set us up for a future in the gaming industry? Who knows, we'll have to see as our fan base grows bigger and bigger!

Thank you all for participating in our fan art competition. For those who don't know about it, please refer to this URL for the rules, categories, and more:
Honestly, I couldn't ask for anything more than for anyone whose a fan of our project to submit artwork of it! That gives us the best feelings ever!!! <3

This is a group for all things TinyWars! We encourage our members to make friends and share your work with each other. This should be a fun and inviting community!

TinyWars is an anime themed tower defense game with some cute characters and worlds. Lots of people have been asking for a TinyWars group so we decided to create one, please feel free to post all your TinyWars fan arts here. We'll try to feature some of them on the TinyWars official social media and blogs!

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