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No one responded on my last one. But this is getting ridiculous! Still the DA app doesn't load up pictures. You know, the whole purpose of this platform's existence. I'm probably missing so much great art. Ugh.
So earlier this week, my mobile DA app (android) just decided to stop showing pictures. It'll show literature but everything else is just blank and won't load. Is this just me or is it the app? Just curious. Any input would be nice. Thanks!
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Hello people!

So yeah. Things are still kinda slow right now. But I was thinking of maybe doing another "Public Choice", so yeah. Comment below on how you want it to start. The public will have full control over this one. Well, if there is support for another story. We will see. I'll give a week for suggestions and then a between installations but that's pretty flexible. So yeah. Hope there is support for another one of these. Hope you all is well.
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Alright. So yeah. As some of you may know, I have been going through a rough spell, and whatnot. Well, I have recently gotten a job, it's only for the summer, but still. The bad news is this will really hinder my internet frequency. So I guess what I am getting at is that I am sorry in advance for my absences. I will try to do the best I can. But please just be patient.

In better news. I got pretty good responses to my "Public Choice" story. Well, as good as it could be. Anyways, I am thinking of perhaps doing another one in the near future. What do you think? Yes? No? I'm open to suggestions.

So yeah. In recap, I'll be pretty infrequent this summer starting Monday. And yay for stories.

Hope all is well!! :)
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Ok. So I just thought it was time I posted a bit of an update. Computer is currently still lacking in space and power, so unfortunately I won't be going back to rendering soon. I hope to invest in a better piece of tech so I can. But for the time being, I'm still stifled. However, I will still be writing when the muse strikes. Which brings me to the second point.

Alright. So I will be posting a story up here shortly (or it is already up. Depends on when you read this). You are probably thinking, "So what?" But here's the catch. It's only the opening to a story. It's an idea I am calling "Public Choice". For the next week, after it is posted, I need you, the readers, to comment on what direction you'd like to see the story go. And after a week is over, the majority direction wins and I write the next part based on that direction and the cycle repeats until the story is written. So really, the only real input I will have in this story is the first part. The rest of it is written by you all. It's a neat idea I had, and I hope you all will enjoy and participate! Either that or this will fall flat on its face, in which case. Yay! Failure! :D

As always, thank you all who follow and put up with me. The support means loads to me. 
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So I have been trying to get my 3D working again on my computer. But that seems to be a lost cause at this point. So, in a mix of frustration and diversity. I want to try something new. So for the foreseeable future, I plan to focus more towards writing as opposed to visual arts. I know writing doesn't do near as well here, but I want to do it so I will. Just an update. Hope everyone takes care ^^
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Just an update to anyone who reads my journal. I have been incredibly busy lately. Between personal issues that I'd rather not discuss, and an increase in work, I have had little to no time to work on any new pieces. And just when 3D was starting to look good for me, my laptop just decided to up and decide not to support DAZ anymore. So until I can figure that out, I am limited back to the 2nd dimension. I am hoping things ease out soon enough. But I just wanted to update everyone. Apologies!



I am not huge on one-sentence RPs. So please, if you decide to note me about an RP, put some effort into it. Just to clarify.
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Well, as much as photo collaging and Gimp 2 have been good to me. I am expanding out and trying a new medium of art. I recently downloaded a 3D rendering program (DAZ 3D), and am currently trying to get the hang of it. I might post some minor accomplishments. But it could be a while before we see any true achievements with the new style. This is not to say I will stop collaging (for those who enjoyed them), just that I want to expand outward creatively. A special thanks to Saftkeur for just getting me inspired about making the leap to 3D.

Here's to a great new leap in my career as a Deviant. Here's to a successful third dimension.

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Well. I got a notice from DA today. Said today is my 6 month anniversary on the site. Time sure flew by. 9 deviations in 6 months. I know I should be more frequent but it is so hard to be inspired. To do something that hasn't become cliche. Anyways, just an update for anyone who even bothers to read these. Hoping for a better next six months.

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Sorry for the slow output of work lately. R.L. has been a pain. Not to mention I've reached a block for new ideas. So I am reaching out to those who read this. If you have any ideas. Just comment to this journal. I'll see if any interest me and hopefully I can get around this block. Best wishes to everyone!

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Well, now that I got a few collages under my belt. Thought I would formally introduce myself. I'm Veronica. I like all aspects of the GTS/macro fetish. But I especially like food vore, pets and enslavement, and the occasional gentle giantess. My works will reflect these for the most part. As I get better, at some point I may start taking requests, etc. But for now I am just honing my skills. Please continue your feedback. It will help me get better. Thanks! ^^