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Windows 7 Logon Reloaded

Well, in case you didn't already know, Windows 7 makes it easier than ever to change your log-on screen and, quite frankly, the 7057 log-on screen is ugly (well it's alright, but I don't like it). So here I've made a log-on screen for myself and I decided to share it.

To change your log-on wallpaper--without messy hacks--in Windows 7 (build 7000 and on) you can use this convenient application: [link]

This is a synthesis of two wallpapers, the official Windows 7 wallpaper and a log-on screen made by Gotier (I think). If Gotier has a problem with me using it this way I encourage him to tell me so and I will remove the image.

Personally, I think it fits the Windows 7 theme very nicely. The quality of the image is low simply because the file size must be small for the logon. But it's high enough to look good in most cases.

Feel free to use this image however you see fit--although Gotier may want attribution.
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This is The Supposed Logon Screen Wallpaper

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Very nicely done :) Windows 7 is great, but some of the aesthetic begs to differ.
GreenKirby156's avatar
Very Nice....
Jack8530's avatar
Nice could you make in black? :P Thanks
tinytimscrutches's avatar
Make in black? I'm not sure I know what you mean. If you have photoshop, it wouldn't be hard to pop it open in there and turn it into a black and white image.
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and.. oh, forgot! :stupidme: here's the fav fo ya)))
mercenary2008's avatar
Hey looks very sharp and at the same time smooth indeed!! thanx a lot! usin' it now
GizmoTheGreen's avatar
looks awesome, many thanks!
jonasson's avatar
Looks really great. Thanks for sharing!
ToxicNano666's avatar
AWESOME!! nice job : )
wPeace's avatar
indeed, looks quite good, just tested it!
thank you.
Kyske09's avatar
Thank you! Looks great!
Gotier's avatar
Good release ;) !!!!!
tinytimscrutches's avatar
Thanks! It's good to know you approve :D
If I ever get more time perhaps I'll make some wallpaper versions (including fille87's dimensions).
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can i also use this backgroud for my blu ray icons?
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