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TheLoveThatNeverWas FRERARD
The most immaculate being to walk this earth.
We've only talked briefly, but we clicked right away.
Since the begining of the year, ive kept my eye on him, when we are talking for a small amount of time, the way he stares at me.
I just cant explain it, and I have troubles reading what hes thinking.
Anyways, I lost some friends recently, that I thought were like me. One problem(difference) I was nice and didnt judge or sterotype everything I did with my hair or wore.
So Gerard was talking with me and two aquantences I have, and Gerard got angry that my apparent 'friends' would judge me and stop talking with me for wanting to dye my hair a different colour cause it was 'stealing their identity'
That day Gerard hugged me immediately when we had to go our seperate ways to different classes.
I always wondered why people older liked to talk with me, I mean Im only 15, and Gerard is 17, but he is just so..beautiful and kind, that smile, it can kill me with one shot.
That day Gerard wa
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you give me fever -frerard
"gerard..can you just...just stick it in..yeah..ugh OW! no gerard..not so rough! good...okay now let go"
I have a fever, and Gerard is unexperienced with thermometres.
"okay what do i do now?"
"now you jsut wait till it beeps, then take it out and tell me what the number is"
We sat there waiting akwardly positioned on the bed for the thermometre to beep so I know how high my temperature is.beep
"do i take it out now?" Gerard asked me nervously, unsure of what to do.
I looked at him, he perked one eyebrow higher than the other and grinned seductively. "I dont know, i think Frankie likes it up da bum bum"
"you do too geetard! now take it out so I can find out my fuckin temperature!"
"it says 1.01, is that bad?" I rolled my eyes at his question.
"yes Gerard it is bad, it means I have a fever! now can you go to the bathroom, get a cloth and damp it with cold water please?"
"yepp...what do i do with this thing?"
"if you only had a brain! Gerard I think y
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EverythingIdoIdoitForyou F-G
"Gerard, everything I do, I do it for you.." Frank whispered angrily spitting in Gerards ear. Gerard was in shock at what was just announced at him.
How could he be so blind as to not see that Frank does infact love and care for him? He helped him up when he fell. He would warm him when he was cold. He'd kiss him better if he hurt himself. Frank never left Gerards side. But he never thought of it that way. Has Gerard loved Frank the whole time? But been to blind and in denial to realize it? Frank was long gone now. And now he is gone, Gerard misses him. The presence Frank brought everywhere with him is what kept Gerard breathing each and every day. Gerard thought to himself. I need to go after him Rushing to the door, Gerard clutched onto his coat, placing it over his shoulders. Running and Running. Eventually gave up on trying to find Frank, he turned to go back. When he saw Frank sitting under a willow tree, his head buried into his knees, shoulders moving up and down from cry
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somuchformyhappyending FRERARD
The curtains were closing, the lights were fading into black.
Everything seemed so perfect, Gerard and I had been together for 3 months.
Not only is he outstandingly talented and one of the most handsome man Ive ever met, but he is an amazing boyfriend, amazing..
Things were going great! We were outside of the bus, signing autographs, when..
"GERARD?! IS THAT YOU?" There was a deep womans voice coming from behind.
Gerard turned around and laughed with amazement.
"LINDSEY!? OH MY FUCKIN GOD!" He burst out.
The tattooed, dark haired, dolled up lady, whom I am guessing is Lindsey, ran up to Gerard and gave him a big hug smiling the whole time.
He embraced the hug she gave. "What are you doing here?" He questioned in surprise. "Well, Im on tour with you, my band is MSI, mindless self indulgence"
I squinted my eyes, Ive heard alot about that band.
They are nothing but party-animals, real stuck up drinkers.
"Oh cool, well, My band is My Chemical Romance"
"Yeah! Ive seen you all over the plac
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Koke-A-Kola chap.2 FRERARDNESS
He left the store.
My heart was pounding, my face was flushed.
Red like a fuckin' tomato!
I lazily helped the customers buy their crap and I sat behind the counter gazing at the window, waiting for my night in black clothing to come and rescue me.
Honestly, Im hoping that my manager doesnt watch some video servalence and catches me giving the Koke-a-kola to him for free.
I was strongly warned about that.
His hair, it was black and ium length, falling perfectly to the sides of his face.
Eyes...his eyes, a beautiful green.
His lips were thin but kiss-able, his skin...pale a ghost.
I love it. He was..possibly...perfect?
Im hoping he'll come by sometime soon.
WHOA! speak of the fuckin devil!
There he is, stopping before he opened the door.
"Hello again" He shyly whispered.
"Back to get some more free stuff?"
"hah! No...its okay, I just wanted to uhm, see if youd like to go have some coffee cause you seem like a real cool guy and.." before he continued to trail off into how <
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Koke-A-Kola chap.1 -frerard
I stepped into the convenience store.
The air conditioning is on, thank god.
I walked to the back of the store to find myself a can of pop.
Unforunatly for me, the only pop I couldnt find, was the only pop I drink.
So, I decided to ask the cashier when they will be stocking more.
"" hubba hubba! This guy is B-E-A-Utiful!
"Yes sir, how may I help you?"
"Id like to know if you have any coke in the store, and if not when youll be selling more"
"Well sir, we dont have coke anymore, but now we have coca cola"
"thats the same thing"
"no sir, it see, come with me Ill show you"
He walked infront of me.
I couldnt help but watch as his ass swing back and forth.
"See? its koke-a-kola"
The angel, was holding up a yellow tin can with black words across it saying "KoKe-A-kOlA"
Since when?
"Sir, since I think you are very attractive and noticed you staring at my ass, Im going to give it to you for free"
My face turned red with embarassment, my god, he caught me staring, too obvio
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BetterThanAnyDream FRERARD
He bent over to tie his laces.
Thoughts splurred through my mind.
Gerard Way; my bestest friend, fellow band member, and fuck buddy.
Perhaps not 'fuck buddies' I mean, we fucked once.
But, unfortunately for me that’s the only time off stage we did anything
remotely sexual.
Every time he was around me, thoughts wandered throughout my head.
Reactions, actions, sexual fantasies, videos, everything possible that could happen between Gerard and I, if we were a couple or if I finally get the guts to tell him my true feelings.
He stood back up
My heart pounded, thinking that he might have seen me staring at his rear..
"So Frankie, what are we going to do today?"
His lips moved so gracefully to the sound of his voice.
"Well, I was thinking we could go to the mall, and then have lunch somewhere, like, lets say burger king?"
I asked, only pretending it could be a date.
"Its a date! Lets go"
was his reply
Gerard began to skip ahead of me, dancing around in circles, singing along to
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"Hey gee..remember when we were young, and you'd come over to my place and we'd play dollies?" I asked Gerard.
"oh wow...that was fuckin 10..15 years ago?"
"yep..well, since we are at my house....I thought we;d pull out some old memories, my mom said she has a photo album full of pictures from when we were young"
"wow...frank she does?what about them dollies?"
"she said she has those too!"
Gerard and I looked into each others eyes mischeviously.
We ran down the stairs to the basement, we found a box that said; FRANK AND GERARD MEMORIES
We ripped it open, laughing the entire time.
Once it was open, Gerard and I sat in silence..just staring at the box full of stuff we used to do and just memories of us.
"oh my gosh, FRANK! look..its the easybake oven we used to use...oh wow..and the dollies! we were just bound to be gay werent we? hah"
" at this!" I took hold of an album that was beautifully and sloppily decorated with sprinkles and sprinkle
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IllTellYouWhatLoveIs -frerard-
It all started back in the day...
"Mikey...we need a new quitarist" Ray informed my brother.
" guys know frank?" Mikey asked us all.
Me not really knowing this Frank guy very well..ive only met him once.
Everyone nodded their heads.
"His band just broke up...and hes pretty kickass at the guitar, he could play the rythme guitar" Mikey smiled.
It sounds good enough to me.
Mikey told me to call Frank up.
So, I did.
"ya...whos this?"
"its Gerard...Mikeys brother"
"Ohh! hey gerard sup man?"
"well, the guys and i were talking and we need a rythme guitarist and were wondering if youd like to fill that spot?"
He started to giggle quietly.
"like...dude...are you serious?"
"frank...i am dead serious"
"fuck ya!"
"okay, so we have rehersal tonight at my there round 6?"
"yes sir!"
"kay see you then"
"yea...see you"
I hung up. Great so we are now officially a better band...we hope anyways.
Frank was at my place the second t
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WeDieWhenLoveIsDead -frerard
The cold brisk air was stinging my fingers as I ran home.
By the time I walked to the front door to my apartment my teeth were chattering together and my fingers were purple.
I shake trying to turn the knob to get inside my toasty warm home.
Slamming the door shut I quickly rid myself of my coat, boots, scarf and hat.
I walked over to the kitchen, boiling water so I can make hot chocolate.
On the fridge I see a small note.

Gerard,  my mom is sick so I made her some soup and brought it over to her, call me when you get this
- Frank oxo

As the once cold water was boiling into a hot steamy drink, I dialed Franks mothers house.
Frank picked up whispering.
"oh, hey baby, so you got my note?"
"ya, aww babe your so sweet bringing your mom some soup, but ya, I just got home, im making myself hot chocolate..will you be home later tonight?"
"well, my dad is coming home around midnight, and then I'll come home, will you be waiting up for me?"
"Well darling,
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Petition -frerard-
Recently, the government decided that Queers should not marry.
Since I, myself, am homosexual I am VERYupset with the new law.
So, a couple of friends and I have decided to make a petition against it.
Only hoping that it will work.
April 9th 2008, we are throwing the petition, and I cant fucking wait!
So many people have written me letters and called my house telling me they are going to join this petition, not all of them were gay, some had family or friends that were.
Today we are going to make our signs.
Mine is going to say something that I made up myself.
Though it may not be true, and I guess Im kind of insulting myself in a way, Im still saying something against it, because people use the word "Gay" to define "stupid", so I guess I am insulting myself, oh well.
Okay, I have to go and meet with my fellow petitioners.
So far, looks like there are a good 2 thousand people here early.
Aww, thats the cutest thing I have ever seen; a group of four kids,
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Welcome Back Gerard -frerard-
The stage lights turn on.
The fans blaring the arena with roars of joy.
This is it Gerard.
You can do this.
You can walk on out there, and tell them that you and Lynz are over.
I know, you dont want to say it, because you still think its a nightmare.
But face the facts Gerard, its true.
Walk out there, perform your fucking heart out, and make those fangirls and boys scream with bliss when you tell them you and Lynz are divorcing.
I yelled roughly into the microphone.
Presenting the real us, and the new me.
I had told Ray, Mikey, and Bob about the divorce.
I left Frank out.
At the moment Frank is extremely pissed with me.
I heard the loud whistles and I LOVE YOUs being heard from all around the stadium.
I looked over at Bob, who was blushing and hide the most adorable smile pl
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a new begining -frerard- 2
"ouch" He yelped in pain.
"Babe, its going to hurt if you dont want to get a gross infected infection on your stomach" I told him aplying more antiseptics to his wounds.
What kind of a mother, a fucking MOTHER, would scratch and punch her son?
And to the point where he is leaking crimson red blood and has violet blue bruises all over his upper body.
"Frank..can I spend the night tonight? Please?" he questioned, with tears begging to come from his eyes.
"Gerard, you can fucking LIVE at my place, I dont want you getting even more hurt than you already are, like Im sorry babe, but your mom is a bitch, I dont want you even going near her"
"Frank..its only because she gets drunk and and...and shes disappointed with the fact that I like guys, so she get angry and hurts me"
"Gerard that still is no fucking excuse for her to hurt you like this" I spoke quietly, my face was red with anger.
"Ya I know, but...well..your right, OW" He twitched as I put on some peroxcide on his cuts.
"Eww..Gee thes
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