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[comm] Alice

puwaa!! this tiny baby has the same name as me!
i always get so excited when i get to draw other alices ovo <3333
:iconbluesketchingwalrus:'s baby <333
thank u so so much for letting me draw your cute baby!
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The piece as a whole is so uplifting and bright! Purple Heart Bullet by Gasara
Very nice painting, colors and shading management looks perfect to me.
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Aww so adorable!! <33
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This is so cute omg <3 love the way you draw eyes!
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Q A Q aaah! thank you so much <3
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oh gosh this bby looks gorgeous in your style kitten!! ;v;
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huwaa! <3 thank you so much ;;w;;; <333
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T - T Again she's so precious! I just wanna squish her cheeks! ahh so adorables! Thank you for making my bab so adorable and cute! 
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<3 <3 <3 thank you so super much ; w; !! i love herr u vu <3
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So amazing. I'm in love with everything you're drawing lately kitten TTwTT
I feel like I'm overdosing on adorable perfection :heart:
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hywaa!! so kind omgosh... ; ~ ; ! tysm for these wonderful words they mAKE MY HEART SO HAPPY <3 TY BB!!
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You're welcome <3
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