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The Unholy

By TinyPilot
Leaving the family..
Photoshop painting.
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its.......indescribable, so great!
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I wish I had the guts when it was still possible.

thank you for making this, it brings excellent feel
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This is very well done, it almost has a David Firth hand drawn texture to it, thats interesting. Well done :aww:
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Love it! A lot of emotion to this one. I particularly like the mother covering her mouth. A mother unwilling to speak out for a child. The lack of eyes...both parents blind. Great job :nod:
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I like the pun. Great concept as well, and very surreal...
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Wow esta de huevos!
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uAu . .
Good . . Fantastic!!!!!!
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unique :wow:
it reminds me of my past...
Teh-cHix0r's avatar
Extraordinary! :)
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Prevokes so much emotion. and the colors fit exactly what you're tryin to say :heart:
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Whooa!! that really reminds me of Caravaggio's color technique on clear colors vs dark colors, i like the entire force of the scene, like they think he is so damn condemned It is soo stunning me like it a lot!! ^^
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Must look into Cara.... interesting - thanks!
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I know I feel for this piece. It's definately something that all people, specially a specific type can relaly relate too. Excellent work
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Thanks, and I hope I did hit SOMETHING with it...
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great work! The eyes of the parents look black and empy. Like they don't have an opinion anymore, they only believe what others tell them. :)
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Looks familliar :]
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This makes me feel unlike any other peice of art has. Your style is so unique. Good job.
tju-tjuu's avatar
they look like too priests... :|
I like it.
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Spooky yet sad, I like the father's hand, very well done!
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