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sleepy baby
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I love this so much ;w;
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It's really pretty! What brushes do you use?
KittyCupcakeO3O's avatar
oh my... what happend to her?
RespicePostTe's avatar
So cute! I love everything about your art style! 
(Do you do tutorials? Cause I'm honestly curious how you get that painterly effect.)
tinypaint's avatar
You can google blur's good brush 4.0, thats what i use for painterly stuff!
RespicePostTe's avatar
Really? Thanks so much! *wanders off to play with shiny new brushes*
ChimeraChangeling's avatar
oh I didn't know you were a fan of the yumenikkis! .o.
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gosh your style is amazing :')
alizawren's avatar
Aaaahhhh looooveee
I hope you've heard of Dream vs Dream!
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this game is perfect...and sad ;_;
Alice1236's avatar
Is she and original character of yours? xD So pretty. 
CaluluWind's avatar
Actually, she's a character from a game called Yume Nikki. In it you play as this girl, Madotsuki, and explore her dreams while finding 24 "effects."
Alice1236's avatar
Oh, really? I wasn't expecting for that, is it worth playing? 
CaluluWind's avatar
Well, I wouldn't play it for the purpose of "fun" per say. Its mainly about atmosphere and exploration. There isn't any dialog or main objective other than finding effects, so the point is to explore and find your own meaning in things.

Though I do recommend giving it a playthrough, if only to see what I'm talking about. Though warning, its pretty creepy in some parts.
Alice1236's avatar
Oh, I see. Thanks anyway. ♥
sworderella2's avatar
So cute! I love the coloring. :D
Geebler-art's avatar
Lovely... the pose, the colors...!
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