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The iPad Icon for your Mac


AppLaudable: [link]
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Thanks for the hint. There are so many templates out there which are more professional than the one I could create.
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this is a great icon, could you do me a wallpaper for the iPad like that please ?
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Your works great
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Smooth. I like your style tinylab, you've got some real graphic skill. Are you a graphic designer?

Just wondering, I'm interested in that work area.

Keep up the great designs!
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No I'm just a 18 Years old pupil who doesn't even have Photoshop (I probably don't even have a computer since yesterday).
I saw your gallery & I really liked it (very very good if you're really 16) (Oh your descriptions are cool especially the Helvetica one)
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Cool. Well your at the stage I really want (i really just want to get out of school and out there doing a job i love). Yes I am 16 (just turned it this year).

Im glad you like my gallery :D its good to hear that. So what was it about the Helvetica one? The underlined writing? I do actually have Helvetica and Helvetica Neue on my PC atm, and its heaps easy. I'll tell you my method if you want, its not illegal or anything, you just need permission of a Mac friend to copy a file. Note me and I can tell you how :D.
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Really nice, thanks!
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Very nice icon! Good job! : )
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It seems as if the bigger sizes were scaled down to get the little sizes. It looks fine for 128px and higher, but 16, 32 and 48px definitely should be reworked ;)
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They are almost Ready (The reworked Icons) i just have to fix the bezel. I'm going to Upload them tomorrow (64px won't Be reworked)
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They are all updated and ready for download
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It looks better now.
I would have put a grey pixel on the 32px for the button, and I would have make the button lighter (a grey/white pixel in the middle) on the 48px state, but it is good.
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I'll think about it ( & thanks for the advice)
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lol nice. You speedy demon you.
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yeah! you first! congrats :D
BTW nice icon.
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