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Evernote Icon

Evernote Icon

Texture by Petercat.Harris
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This is very pretty. The textures really make it pop.
Thanks for a wonderful icon of character for one of my favorite apps!
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Wonderful Icons
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You succeeded on what the Evernote makers failed.
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Great thanks!
Gorgeous, thanks very much.
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Gorgeous icon. Looks like it's Mac-native, unlike the original one. Thank you for making my Dock look better :)
PesachBenSchlomo's avatar
Very nice. Lovely, in fact. Thanks.
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may i get the .psd for this for my project?
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Why do you need the PSD?
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I dont anymore thanks though
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What a talent!
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nice icons!
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Elegant icon man!
great work
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I really like the texture. The whole work looks great.
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Great job, a news has been posted at [link]
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very nice
tanx dude
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I love it~well done~
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Excellent work, man.
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These are AMAZING!!!
by the way, keep up the good work!
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